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By bieberslayer - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, in my AP Biology class, a student informed us she'd read that Antarctica had completely melted due to global warming, to which my friend gushed, "Yeah! It's been melted for, like, months." FML
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As a teacher of science, this saddens me greatly.


Actually Antarctica

27, case in point.


I think it's their brains that melted, not Antarctica. Zombies.


I don't like your language, 79.

93-why don't you like English? You just used it!

93, I thoroughly recommend disconnecting your Internet.

I'm going to assume that he meant the Arctic since the glaciers have been melting at a fast pace this year.

Well Antarctica does have layers of ice and surrounded by ice that are rapidly melting so technically in a sense, she is correct. Although it is not completely melted.

36 beat me to the best comment :(

This is our future generation? I wish you a good year with these students and I hope you survive!

And.... cue the shitty future generation comments. Thank you for contributing.

I actually hope the world ends on the 21st. This generation has no hope.

112, there is hope for some of us. I am a senior and I turned 17 in early November (ignore my profile people), and my school is terrible. The teachers are good, but the students, especially the freshmen this year, are just horrific people. A portion of the senior class this year, who have the AP classes are great people, but the other third, maybe half, are just... Disturbingly unmotivated.. To put it nicely.

It's not every individual person, we just need a little chlorine in the gene pool.

Gotta totally agree with 112. Now is a good time to get off this friggin planet.

Did u ever think about who raised us?

For some reason, i completely agree with you

As a teacher of science, this saddens me greatly.

As a teacher of Year/Grade 4, I will try to stop this type of idiocy from being possible.

The world thanks you for this.

As an American this also saddens me.

As an FML reader I found this funny.

As a literate person,I found this to be in English.

As a potato, I found this to be potato

As a cucumber, I have no sentient thoughts.

As an artist, I imagined her blonde.

As a guy, I imagined her hot.

As a penguin, that news sucks.

As a realist, I don't think being uncertain over the existence of Antarctica is going to impact the everyday life or future of most people.

Ya being a jets fan will do that to ya

As a student, I feel bad for our world's teachers and irritated at the idiots in our society.

Hmm yet another reason why people are doubting the younger generation. You guys just keep doing it to yourselves. Everyone gets tired of hearing about it, but they keep fueling the fire.

We were all like this at one point. As time goes on we see the new generation come and go. We watch from the infant hood as they mature and become bright leaders. Every generation has it quirks and pros. Those whom you assume never grow up, will often come to surprise you. These idiots could become smart or simply become your standard corner worker. Sorry I had a wierd moment. Try to read that in a philisophical voice and manner.

^^^^^ I've kinda put some thought into that myself and what I've come up with is that every generation is just as bad as the last we are just developing new ways to make outsells LOOK even worse.

Yes and no. We are developing ways to make ourselves look worse if we don't use them. Like how plenty of people have the world's largest collection of information and data ever assembled in the history of man right at their fingertips, yet they fail to learn anything. Instead, they go on entertainment websites and post saddening stories of their life...which hey, are really fun to read.

The difference now is that so many kids are absorbing what they're told to think, but never doing any actual thinking of their own. I had the "joy"of listening to a bunch of teens discussing how the ocean was going to rise a hundred meters in the next decade because of "one percenters and their cars".

Where did she hear that? The Onion News?

Probably. Some people don't actually realize it's not actual news

I thought it was pretty accurate regarding the presidential election last month.

Hey, don't joke about the onion news. I get all of my information from there.

Duh it's melted, infact there's only one continent left in the world. And that's Ahmuricah!

Pangea's southern tip is melting!

You mean " 'Murrica "

...that's not even a continent

80- I don't think you understood their joke. Mind you, it was a terrible joke.

So many thumbs down, but hilarious!! Guess I have a distasteful sense of humor. I'm ok with that. Well done.

I don't want to live in this planet anymore.

You live IN this planet??

He/she is what pushes against gravity to keep our planet from crushing in on ourselves, not degeneracy pressure. Obviously.

you live ON a planet not IN it

So go to space. No one wants you here either, with your over-used "joke" that was never funny.

Not balletteacher. They live IN it. They said so!

I'm just glad you teach ballet and not English.

On the bright side, out of the 3 of you I'm sure you look like a genious!

i apulugiz 4 mi encurekt speling, thank yoo 4 ur help. But seriously, please take your fucking annoying grammar-nazi self elsewhere.

At first I thought it was on purpose for the joke. Twas quite funny.

Think of how stupid the average person is. Then remember half of them are stupider.- some guy I don't remember the name of.

George Carlin.

If George Carlin actually said stupider, wonder which category he is in? In any case that statement cannot be proven to be mathematically true.

56- do you know what "average" means in mathematical terminology?

Isn't that why boys go to Jupiter? --Now, where are my candy bars?(:

Mintfresh - "Stupider" is an actual, real, grammatically-correct word even if it sounds a bit odd to you (and most of the other commenters here). If you don't believe me, look it up in a dictionary. Or you can do what kids today do - type it into your iPhone and see that there is no squiggly red line under it.

#64 You do realize that average (mean) is not the same as median, right?

I do. My point was that the average is usually fairly close to the middle point.

I was taught that anything with more than one syllable needed to have "more" in front of it to form the superlative #111, Can you please check what the average is for 2, 50, 46, 65? Is it close to the middle?

I love OP's name. Just to be fair to high school students, none of the AP bio kids in my school are like that

I dropped AP bio for forensics. Best switch I have ever made. There was so many stupid people in that class.

57 * were Good thing your AP bio class now has one less grammar stupid.

92- I don't think you are one to be calling others stupid when it comes to grammer. I think thats what you were calling them anyway.

I may be stupid but i know how to spell grammar. Maybe it's a typo but just felt like letting u know.

Lol 146, 57 could have said the same thing about their comment

164.. In 146 I was referring to 107; I understand I made a mistake somewhere, but honestly I'm sorry I don't understand what u guys are trying to say. May be its some culture gap or something.