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Today, my 16 year-old daughter tried to convince me that tampons don't actually work, all because she can still pee with one in. FML
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stroudie94 9

it's not to late to teach her... you still have two years before she is a certified idiot.

SteelCladAngel 0

what's with all the dumbass 16 year olds lately?


stroudie94 9

it's not to late to teach her... you still have two years before she is a certified idiot.

I agree. but I took sex Ed in grade 5.. personally I think it was a bit early but I'm also thankful for it cause I understand everything about my body and how everything works. get her some of those pamphlets on how your body works.. if she doran believe what you are telling her.

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JacksonCampbell 9

Well maybe if OP actually talked to her daughter about these things, instead of making her learn on her own, none of this would've happened. herp derp

21 - all girls can pee with them in whether they think they can or not. it's two SEPARATE holes. you pee out of one and you have your period/sex/baby's in the other one.

cool story 21. fml is about how the daughter is an idiot and thinks they don't work because of it, not because she just does it. op, your daughter is a retard. abandon her on the side of the road.

26 - i agree but technically not op's daughters fault. the schools and parents are the ones who should be educating her.

MrFlintstone 5

see 29, ops daughter never pass 3rd grade that's why she doesn't know

32- she shouldnt need to be told where her peehole is!

JacksonCampbell 9

29 - Read my comment again. it's the OP's fault, for she is the mother. It's not the school's fault, it's the mother's fault. Schools can try, but they make half-assed attempts at teaching sexual education. Schools shouldn't even have to teach kids this stuff, but they have to because parents are too lazy and feel that sexual education is taboo or they don't want to embarrass their kids. Hell, I hated sex Ed class at school, but I'm glad I took it. My parents have never once talked to me about this stuff, and if it wasn't for my school, I'd be just as retarded as OP's daughter. Because my parents don't talk to me about this stuff, I don't know if I can talk to them if anything happens. What happens if I accidentally get a girl pregnant? Can I talk to them about it or do I have to hope they never noticed? My dad got a girl pregnant when he was young, but his parents were very open to him about sex, so he told them about it and all was good. Me, I'm left in the blue and so is OP's daughter. For the love of God, talk to your kids about this stuff. At the moment, they're embarrassed, but long term they'll appreciate you for it.

JacksonCampbell 9

Sorry, 29. My iPod was being stupid and showed my comment as 26 and not 24, so I thought you were talking to me. But still, my rant was worth the time it took to type it up.

Apparently u don't learn how to spell you in 3rd grade either.

24, my mom didn't have to sit me down and talk to me for me to figure out that not only are there two different holes but you do not bleed through your pee hole... basic knowledge for a girl who has had her period.

simply_improper 1

Sometimes this site makes me sad for the human race

Jackson, you have some long ass fingers there. I don't know if that's a me gusta moment though.

but if she never passed 3ed grade she wouldn't make it to the grade they did

hcs4life21 0

26 & 55 - "retarded"? really?

Capt_Oblivious 10

Most accurate comment I have read on here to date.

stacianichole 2

it's not too late for you to learn the proper uses of to, too and two.

Most mothers just assume that the daughters know... I didn't know till almost two years after I started my menstrual an that's because I had to start using tampons so I could play soccer I was surprised but it made sense...

all was good except for the girl that your dad got pregnant...

117, it is a problem actually yeah. i would be so pissed if you called my kid a retard!! seen as though everyone thinks that correcting people's spelling/grammar is a decent substitute for a comeback on this bloody site, maybe you should look up the difference between a 'retarded' child and one who lacks common sense. retardation is a medical term for a genuine, serious disability... not some word for you to throw at kids who just need to be better educated. prick.

Jammy01jams 2

24 - I know that the ****** a piss hole are separate and I'm a 16 year old guy. Nobody ever told me, I just found out along the road of life. She's just an idiot.

56 - lol that's ok, and yeah I agree with you completely.

futtbuck101 1

wtf is with all the retarded 16 year old daughters?

Amen! and thank you, very well stated.

-55 I can't 'thumbs up' your comment cause my phone fails and says it's to long :(

RandomChickXD 0

Has anyone noticed there are way to many FMLs about stupid 16 year old daughters?

supermankisses 1

53- being blonde has nothing to do with knowing which hole your fluids come out of. dumbass.

BaMaBelle11 0

give her a computer and tell her to google anything she wants to know.. sex talks with your parents is just to awkward!!

its called being uninformed not retarded you morons.

It baffles me that people, much less girls, actually think this. Or that you can lose your virginity from a tampon. I mean, they don't quite spell it out for you in sex ed, but girls should at least be taught about their bodies by somebody.

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

"no honey... you now have 3 holes..."

stroudie94 9

Hey, 137!!!! Don't use the word prick like that!!! There are many men in the U.S. with little tiny pricks, and they wouldn't appreciate you using the term to insult somebody!!!!! Point is, it's a word. People make them offensive by taking offense. Stop.

Raineraine93 0

yeah... practically adult women who dont know their body... i must deal with this every day...

Oh, she's a she. Reverse all that with the opposite gender.

sassypants93 17

I'm guessing other students in school.

a_nutritionist 10

seriously people? DOCTOR or NURSE. ****.

I'm just waiting for people to say "you spelled spelled wrong, moron!"

no wait now you're just confusing me. spelt is how it's spelt. were not all from America -.- fail

That was the point of my comment. I was waiting for somebody to say that because it can be spelled both ways and some people are ignorant.

supermankisses 1

woah with damning americans, dude!

a_nutritionist 10

i blame your mother. yay the blame game really IS fun.

DKjazz 20

I suppose Einstein didn't know much about female anatomy when he was sixteen either. Zing!

I blame the daughter for being an idiot. if you're a girl you pretty much should know that you don't pee out of your ****** even if you're never taught it.

TheRealHouse 7

129: he probably did actually since he was a cousin humper

SteelCladAngel 0

what's with all the dumbass 16 year olds lately?

kspear2 12

you can thank MTV for stupefying the next generation

TaylorTotsYumm 10

My entire generation is full of idiots. Including me.

not all 16 year olds are dumb. stop making accusations about them.

TheBigWaffle 6

I just have to let you know that that is the BEST profile picture I have ever seen... :)

she'll be on Ripley's Believe It or Not!

dummbrunette 0

oh my goodness when I first looked at your picture I thought you were that bieber boy..haha your names justin! :]

He looks nothing like Justin Bieber to me... Lol

tsume24 3

I am NOT justin bieber...and I love my combover, thank you very much.

savagearmz 6
ThisGi 0

well her stupidity came from your genes

israel12 0

and how do you know that?!? o_O