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By Cora - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. His response was, "Thank god, finally." FML
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Maybe he was trying to act cool and not seem like a crybaby loser?


If you were around friends, I could see how he would try and act cool and wait until he gets home to cry.

8 is obviously talking about the OP, but in a very thread-jacking manner.

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Didn't he have the balls to break up himself? Wuss

You do it all the time 13! You don't have any room to talk.

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haha, well i see why you broke up with him in the first place. c:

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It's a good thing your not involved with this loser anymore.

Congratulations. There will be one less future case in divorce court.

I cannot accept your congratulations as it is irrelevant to me. I will however congratulate you on dickriding my thread.

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Thread jackers are nothing more than attention ******. They take the spotlight of great and respectable comments.

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I think the point of this FML is not that OP is mad that he wanted to break up too, but probably that if she had known he wanted with breaking up they would have done it alot sooner...If that is the case then sure, FYL If on the other hand OP is mad that he wanted to break up, stop the whinning, you got what you wanted and YTDI.

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Is it me or are the better FML's in the moderate section...

LaydiexSkull 3

Is it me or are the better FML's on the "moderate" page?

Thats what cap'n kirk feels about the 'klingons'

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Totally agreed! It may have been him just being an @$$hole but everyone deserves better than that!!

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Sounds like he was an asshole anyway

This. Anyone who willingly lets themselves and another person be trapped in a loveless relationship because they don't have the balls to break it off is a douchebag. Be glad you're rid of him, OP.

Or maybe... (Just using logic here) He didn't want to hurt her so he waited till she broke it off. Maybe OP is very sentimental. If she wasn't, she wouldn't think "FML".

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How is op's bf a asshole? She broke up with him. She shouldn't care/ be happy he wasn't creating a scene by crying.

That's even worse. If I were OP, I'd feel terrible if my boyfriend stayed in an unhappy relationship whatever the justification. He misled her and let her stay in a loveless relationship, at least on his part. That's very asshole-esque. That's damn backwards logic anyway... It's a lose-lose situation, breaking up with someone. An extremely emotional reaction would suck, but so would a completely detached one, like this.

Yer, you should also feel the same now. What an Idiot.

Maybe he was trying to act cool and not seem like a crybaby loser?

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So instead, he portrayed himself as a douchbag.

marpay 11

Most men would rather be seen as a douche than as someone who has emotions. Because in our culture emotions can be seen as weakness.

Marpay knows how a man's brain works. Good man/woman. Smart too.

So what? She broke up with him, he doesn't owe her his tears. And why should she care? She already broke up with him, this doesn't affect her at all.

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66-This. It sounds to me like OP was expecting him to be heartbroken over her and pour his heart out, just to validate herself. Get over it OP, your ex boyfriend is not your concern. You got what you wanted, you two are broken up. I'm soooo sorry the break up wasn't super enjoyable for you.


He was probably using you until you broke up with him.

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i think she was imagining that he would be upset and begging her to not break up with him like in the movies... every girls dream

aw don't worry hunny he is just a dick! he isn't worth being with!

It could be that the dude wanted the relationship to end long before the breakup. If that's the case, then he's a dick for stringing her along and playing her emotions for x amount of time.

I agree with you 100 percent, but this is FML, and we only get half of the story. OP could be a total bitch, or crazy and obsessive, which would explain why the dude waited for her to break up with him, and if that is indeed the case, the guy is only practicing self-preservation and is completely justified.

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More 4 U & less 4 him...Trust me!

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Who hasn't felt that way at one point in their life?

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That's his way of covering up the pain