Bad omen

By SinkingShip - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - South Africa

Today, it's been two months since I started a three-year contract at a new job. So far, 5 people have resigned. Pretty sure I've joined a sinking ship. FML
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"Don't go down with the ship, be the one who inflates the lifeboat." -Anonymous


"Don't go down with the ship, be the one who inflates the lifeboat." -Anonymous

#24 But do you get in the lifeboat? Or are you just a really swell person

Sounds like my previous employer. they can't keep help and then wonder why

If it was going out of business, why would they hire people?

I agree. Let's just hope it is a weird coincidence. :)

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I'm thinking it may be more like a bad job in terms of treatment or pay/benefits, so they have to hire replacements for people that quit

Ever seen fun with dick and Jane? OP is the fallguy...or fallgal as the case may be.

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#20 So he has millions coming his way? That's after he goes broke and starts stealing.

I think it's highly probable that there was a leadership change first and those who quit didn't agree with the new direction or culture shift that's happened as a result. So they quit.

Best of luck to you but at this point in time any ship that pays is a good ship. Just make sure you plan a life boat for when it goes under.

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Maybe you can start looking for a back up just incase. Good luck!

They saw the sailor in you for that sinking ship. Popeye the sailor

Not before trying to save it I would assume :p

Unless you are the captain of the Costa Concordia where you intentionally sink the ship and be the first one off.

Learn quickly and use the staff shuffle to get promoted.

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Might not be the job, might be they can not stand working alongside you?