By Anonymous - 9/6/2021 14:02

Baby fever

Today, it's the fifth long-term boyfriend I’ve dumped because I want to be a mother but they didn’t want to be fathers. In fact, the last one laughed in my face and told me he’d be willing to get a cat, because cats require less effort than dogs, and don’t interrupt his PS4 time after work. FML
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By  mike3775  |  33

Not all men want kids. Before I got married the first time, I always told girlfriends I don’t want kids, and many of the women told me it wouldn’t work out, and I totally understood.

You should have mentioned that you wanted to have kids before the men became “long term”

By  QueenSaru  |  28

This. As a woman who never wants kids, this is definitely a 'make it or break it' thing that you discuss on the first date. No point in getting invested if your life goals don't align.

By  cacheson  |  41

Cats totally interrupt gaming. Mine do it all the time. Sitting on the controller, trying to catch the moving things on the tv so I can’t see, stepping on the remote and switching the input by accident so I die in the middle of a boss fight, getting into stuff they’re not supposed to so I have to drop everything and run after them... that guy needs to get a clue. Lol

By  Lydmyers  |  8

I understand where you are coming from... but at the same time, you can't force someone to be a parent if they don't want to.

the ex boyfriends should have told you from the beginning that they didn't want children, that's unfair on you.

By  Lord_Hades  |  10

I have one simple dream, not to be rich or famous but to only have a daughter. When I was married my wife and I had a son. We divorced but I made sure to get custody and he lives with me and she has visitation. I still hope my dream comes true!