By Nawel - This FML is from back in 2008 but it's good stuff - France

Today, I helped myself to a piece of a cake brought by guests at a birthday party. I didn't like it much so I discreetly attempted to give it to the girl next to me. I asked her, "Do you want some? It's sort of disgusting." She replied, "Thanks, I made it." FML
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11dibarig 0

thats nice- u go up 2 someone and say do u want my disgusting cake its not good enough for me but... here ya go

Root123 0

That was discreetly?


11dibarig 0

thats nice- u go up 2 someone and say do u want my disgusting cake its not good enough for me but... here ya go

Haha, I loled so much at this comment

Itzmeh 0

Who would want part of an eaten cake anyways? Eww.

she should of said" thanks I'll try to do better next time, asshole"

pingpongpickle 8

yeah it's kinda rude to offer some stranger your half eaten cake especially since you told her it's disgusting.but it's funny lol

tianxing1012 0

How is 'its sort of disgusting' discreet?

CremeEggs 6

Should have had Creme Eggs.

amandajlucas2015 2

That's exactly Wut I was thinking.. Rude.. How bout be grateful people came and made u a cake instead of complaining

Seriously! You didn't even know the girl!! Work on your social skills, dang.

Root123 0

That was discreetly?

Aw, kitty. lol.

Ummm maybe you should just keep your mouth shut. You don't say that to ANYONE. Poor girl...>.> At least "DISCREETLY" dispose of the cake before anyone noticed.

ahahah what are the odds:P Unlucky!

AzzieC 12

#5 wud you eat a cake that Waz disgusting and OP probably didn't even know that, that girl had made it...

LinneaHall 0

Because calling it disgusting would make someone else want it.

easylazy 0

"No, I said 'disgoostwanguga,' which in my native language of Romanian means delicious!" Then whisper quietly "go fuck yourself."

muresan4 0

That isn't Romanian you ingorant dumbass.

pingpongpickle 8

lol I hope that was sarcastic #10. hahaha #7

6u174r_d00d 6

^^ did your parents raise you this stupid or did you get there yourself?

#6, my thoughts exactly

falloutgurl517 0

wow. brilliance. sheer brilliance. next time, try throwing it away. someone asks? "oh, my stomach sort of hurts" or "i'm not very hungry"

You should have said, "You made it? Well, it is disgusting. What do you want me to do, lie to you?"

coius 23

This. This is exactly how I’d do it. If i was also the baker, I wouldn’t be offended but ask if they could tell me what they thought was bad and if they had any suggestions to improve. If everyone in the world was a “yes men”, no one would strive to get better. Even if people don’t want to hear criticism, they will never grow. Its kinda like, you learn more by failing, than getting it right the first time. It’s used in the scientific process for developing or researching something. I hate the whole BS about sparing feelings. Muddying down a response for someone not to be butthurt doesn’t do anyone favors. My clients love my attitude in IT since i don’t sugarcoat bad things. My dad was the same way, and doing engineering and sales, my dad and I both had lifelong clients when we were blunt that the client knew exactly what was bad and why. In the end, compared to others, being right did less damage and costs that trying to whitewash an issue. People need to get over this entitled attitude where they act as if what you say bluntly is a horrible thing and calling the blunt people a horrible person. No one will understand something was wrong if they want to put fingers in their ear and ignore the criticism. Even peer review in journals dont hold back any punches when gaping issues are found. But if someone sugar coats stuff with me, im more offended if they weren’t blunt because i’m an adult and don’t need to consoled when i eff up. Is no one in this world sane anymore?