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By jeoak - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - India

Today, I was moving into my new apartment. The previous owner had refused to move out until today, and when I got there, I realized I didn't have a key. I was about to call him when I found out I didn't need to; he took the door. FML
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This guy seems a little unhinged if you ask me. A pity he had to bolt before you could stop him.

Did he take the toilet as well?


gmaniac93 7


least now you don't have to pay a locksmith.

yeah, but it will cost more to pay for a whole door

OP shouldn't be the one paying for the door.

true, but who knows now a days

lishajoy777 14

does your new apartment feel a bit drafty?

Did he take the toilet as well?

Don't forget the light bulbs and the cabinets door knobs.

It would have been more inconvenient to put 5 different locks on each door in the house. Lock them all up and exit through the window.

I think the guy who used to live there is the grinch.

nice fml reference ;)

24, being the perfectionist and OCD on certain thing, I would rip off all the doors and get new ones cuz of that little mark a previous lock had ( if it was a different style lock). But that would be funny as hell!

It looks like the previous owner is too attached FYL OP and congrats on the new apartment!

Well at least he didn't take all the doors....

connerwonner 7

Most apartments only have one door unless there is a balcony.

BurumaB 2

#39 seriously? Bedroom door...bathroom door...closet door...and some even have doors for the washer/dryer area.

Yes, but the interior doors are not nearly as important as the one that keeps people/animals/creepy crawlies out and your things in.

This guy seems a little unhinged if you ask me. A pity he had to bolt before you could stop him.

Don't worry about him, he's just a fucking knob.

Jechtael 10

I a-door your puns! They're not wooden like most folks' door jokes- a lot of people jamb the concepts together quite lazily.

TheDrifter 23

My spider sense tells me you're going to have landlord issues.

Unless they replace the door. But generally they take a security deposit for this sort of thing, and don't give it back until the previous tenant vacates the apartment.

Call the owner right away he will know what to do

perdix 29

Be careful going in. If he took the floor, you might fall into the abyss.