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Rachel thought this was funny

Alan agrees with Rachel, and also just favorited this FML. Alan doesn't believe your life is fucked.


Rachel thought this was funny

hahahaha. it is funny Doha college FTW

"You know...Jimmy is pretty sweet on you." "Oh yeah!. Jimmy's been watching're just Jimmy's type." "Jimmy's new in town. Jimmy doesn't really know anyone." "Jimmy would like to get to know you."

LOL zrjones Jimmy holds grudges...Jimmy's gonna get u Kramer!!!!


Oh yeah, Jimmy was in the zone!

OP: thanks for putting "Seriously" at the end of that statement, because if you didn't, I might not have believed you.

So you went on a date with the Rock? Was it over dinner and did he cook? If so, did you SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?

@ 68 ASD is filled with douches

@108 cant argue with you there to be honest. DC still blows though

I see what you did thar

That's the guy who took the bread out of Jimmy's mouth!

Timmy agrees with 77. I wouldn't have believed you if you hadn't said it. Seriously.

srsly u guise

lmaoo ; Ariel Likes Zains Exotic name (: Ariels Jelouse Of Zains name D;

Rachel is happy she started this. :D

zrjones wins so much.

tanna is jealous of ariel's beautiful name :o

Jimmy likes you

Alan agrees with Rachel, and also just favorited this FML. Alan doesn't believe your life is fucked.

Rachel thinks that's a good idea.

Rick agrees wholeheartedly.

Markus agrees wih you guys.

Amy agrees wholeheartedly. She favorited it, too.

Serenity agrees what you guys said. Serenity favorited it too.

You're all nuts.

Keyaira also agrees. keyaira also thinks this FML is funny.

Xaxa likes this FML but she thinks theres nothing wrong with it

gaby agrees. gaby also favorites this FML. gaby laughs. gaby high fives alan. gaby giggles.

Alicia favorites this. Alicia agrees with everyone.

Sammi agrees with all of this. Sammi is also starting to enjoy speaking in third person. Ohh shit haha.

Aisling also agrees. Sorry for Aisling's name, she's Irish. It's pronounced Ash like from a fire and '-ling' like 'pulling'. Aisling hates her name.

oogyboogy 6


Scarlett laughs because you got buried. HA HA HA

Lindsay likes this FML. She feels sorry for Aisling.

yall are retared. 1 and 2... its kinda funny because it took me some time to get what the hell yall were doing,

Alan thinks glassisass should eat a dickburger, complete with dickcheese and dicksauce.

Rachel says, "DICKPWNED!"

Angela thinks glassiass is the retard for not understanding what was going on. Also, Angela thinks Rachel is amazing for starting this. :)

#6 Tyler wants to know why you aren't talking in 3rd person m. And why did you call them retarded if you couldn't figure out what they were doing?

Daniel laughs at this FML.

Ashleigh laughs too

Alan accepts Alan's challenge. Although, he wonders if we at least get to hit up the saloon to get proper drunk before the duel?

I like fires

I see you like your drinks how you like your women (12 years old and mixed with coke ;D). My treat still. Free rounds for everybody!

Am I invited to this?

Nice to leave me out Alan. I feel the love.