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By HairToStay - / Monday 19 September 2016 16:04 / United States - Arvada
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By  tygerarmy  |  35

Either communicate how both of those things bother you, or do something that you know she dislikes and say how much your ex loved it and tell us about it on your next FML about why your why made you sleep on the couch.

  cornyrob  |  32

When i'm with a girl who has a bush, i complement her and tell her that not long ago going Brazilian was kinky and rare, but now that it's so commonplace, it's refreshing to see a natural or trimmed bush.

By  tygerarmy  |  35

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By  Earths_Venus  |  25

Be honest with her. Tell her it makes you feel uncomfortable because you like her hair, it makes you feel like you're with a proper woman. Flatter her. She'll be ok with it.

  chyiochan  |  27

I agree with everything, except when you state that a woman is only proper if she's unshaved. I didn't realize I'd turn into a sleaze at the swipe of a razor!

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

FFS stop being offended. They just said to flatter her. It's like if you're dating someone who is bigger and they fell down you say you love their womanly curves. or whatever. It's not putting down other women its making your woman feel better. and before someone gets offended, I'm thin and I shave. O just don't get offended over nonsense.

  ThatOneChick856  |  35

The problem is that the compliment comes from a comparison rather than "I like you for you". I am fully against the concept of comparing someone to the rest of the people in their gender. I wouldn't tell my hypothetical gf that she's "not like other girls" and the same for my hypothetical bf. If you can only compliment someone if you put down the people of their gender (or otherwise), I consider it: 1, insulting, because it does still puts down their gender; 2, only shows they're good in a relative sense; and 3, teaches them to only love themselves if they compare themselves to others. All unhealthy and very wrong, in my opinion.

By  Yudith_fml  |  6

Tell her that even thought her ex is a latent pedophile, it doesn't mean that you are one as well. Fortunately, hair can grow back. And you now get to sport this huge beard she doesn't like on Movember!

  MidnaLink  |  31

So, just because she's now bald down there, it makes anyone who likes it a pedophile? Last I checked, some people just don't like gagging on the hair while licking the vagina. Personally, if any hair came loose I would immediately stop, cause that's just nasty.


This is so ridiculous. It's fine to like and advocate for body hair, but you don't get to put down others just because it isn't their preference. A grown woman is a grown woman, we are defined by more than just the amount of hair in certain areas. You define an adult by age, as well as emotional and biological maturity, which includes many bodily features, not whether they have hair and choose to remove it. I mean, I prefer my boyfriend without his facial hair, I like when he is clean shaven. Does this mean I'm a pedophile? It doesn't, he's still has many features that clearly make him a grown man, and that is what I'm attracted to. To say a guy is into children just because he likes less hair is disgusting, they are in no way comparable. Having and preferring less hair doesn't make someone any less of an adult woman/man.

  cjgirl  |  15

You are ridiculous! I shave or wax completely. My husband prefers it, but, guess what, so do I!! That doesn't make either of us pedophiles, that's just our preference.

By  9a_z1  |  11

When it starts growing back all scratchy and she contemplates going through that discomfort all over again maybe she'll glad she can make you happier with her natural state.
That said, maybe she personally feels sexier like that and it's really nothing to do with what exs or you think, surely your wife feeling extra sexy is a nice surprise?

Sounds like there is a huge lack of communication there. Since you are married she definitely should have known your preference by now and if she did know and got it anyways, then it is time for a change. The bit about the previous boyfriend loved it would be enough for me to say "then f*kcing go live with him".

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