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Hey in totally glad they can still do that shit.. Just not while they are staying at my house, in my parents bed...
By kalleylynn / Saturday 8 June 2013 06:38 / United States - Steward
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By  Zwingend  |  15

While the location and screaming is unfortunate for you, don't begrudge them a little nookie. Contrary to popular belief, the libido doesn't stop after young adulthood.

  perdix  |  29

#38, if there is any silver lining to having lost both grandmothers, it might be that I don't have to face either one with this image in mind.

  perdix  |  29

#57, sorry that your comment boomeranged. I often get disturbing images from reading these stories and sharing them with the world as comments makes me feel better somehow.

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