By merchgirl - 14/11/2016 10:31 - United States - Arlington

Today, my mother-in-law scheduled her neck surgery for the same day our baby is being born. She also fully expects my husband to drive her to the hospital and stay for her recovery. Uh, yeah no. FML
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species4872 19

Should give her the ******* sausage from the handbag.

Go to the same hospital then he can kill two birds with one stone


species4872 19

Should give her the ******* sausage from the handbag.

Bobby319 24

I ******* love this comment, and isn't this a reference to a early feature

this comment is a great reference >.<

Bonngoo 34

In a year or so people are going to be so confused by this comment.

CrassKal 27

It's a day a later and I'm already confused by the reference...

CrassKal 27

I see I should read through all the new FML's before I comment. Still don't see how it fits this situation though.

You deserve five million thumbs up for this post.

Haven't been on in a few weeks. Someone explain the joke so I don't have to wonder about it for days.

"Today, after searching everywhere to find out where the funny smell that seemed to follow me everywhere came from, I finally found the sausage that my father had put in my purse. It has been a week. FML" -Anonymous FML two posts before this one.

Go to the same hospital then he can kill two birds with one stone

ncparry 18

Yeah right! A baby's delivery is scheduled usually months in advance and neck surgery is a completely different type of procedure and is probably at a specialist hospital.

oj101 33

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't (non-urgent) neck surgery also a major surgery that needs to be scheduled months in advance? Maybe that was the only date she could get it done with the next available appointment being too far away? I don't think a soon-to-be grandmother would choose to miss out on being there for the birth.

Considering the soon to be grandma wants the father to miss his kid's birth, I don't think she cares all too much about the grandchild.

20 you are incorrect. The longest I've scheduled any surgery has been a month in advance. It is highly likely the grandmother at least knew within 2 weeks of when this would be happening for 10 months.

#2, mom-to-be needs to go to the hospital where her OB works.

He'd still be giving attention to something other than his wife and newborn baby and that is something no decent mother would expect of him. In fact, she should have wanted to schedule her surgery some other time so that she could see her grandchild the day it was born.

thatonetribute 31

That's crazy. I hope you have a smooth delivery!

I'm hope your husband denied her request... That's just evil.

Yarecho 14

Yea, don't bend over backwards for her.

Lest you throw your neck out of whack and need surgery?

I've heard of Monsters-In-law but wow, this tops it all! Go tell your mother in law to go **** herself because it's gonna be you and the babies big day and your husband should be right by your side throughout the entire deal!

Reschedule the baby for the day before. It'll totally steal her dumb neck surgery thunder. It's the old vaudeville rule: Never follow kids or animals.

Superbaker123 14

I hope your husband stayed with you, she sounds like a monster-in-law in the making.

You are neck to neck to be the first to claim your husband

Lizzy500 16

Fuck HIS life. Yeah he should totally be with his wife and kid, but to be caught in the middle like that? It's a no win.