By C_Ramirez1695 - 01/08/2015 02:31 - United States - Houston

Today, my grandpa set out snare traps to catch the foxes that have been around our property, because he wanted to protect our dog from being attacked by them. I then got a phone call from my dad telling me our dog got caught in one. FML
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Unfortunately our dog has passed. It was a choke snare. I don't blame my grandpa he loved our dog just as much as we did, he was only trying to protect him. I don't know where you're from in the world but foxes and coyotes are not harmless. Our dog was a little shih tzu and a fox or coyote wouldn't think twice about attacking him.

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Honestly, what was your grandpa thinking? That dogs are somehow exempt from traps?

Grandpa logic-Back in my day our dogs were smarter and didn't have all of this damned technology!


AirBusDriver 23

Hope your pup is going to be ok OP.

just make your dog a steak he'll probably have forgotten it by then there really resourceful

during trapping season i always put my dog on a leash when i take him outside, for this exact reason. i hope your dog is okay, OP.

Fuck your dogs life. Poor thing.

Hunkapoo 19

guess your dog got caught up in the moment, poor thing!

I had to google snare traps. Poor thing. I was hoping it was one of those cages that just hold the animal. From what I googled: it's a rope that ties around the legs and pulls the animal up off of ground (I don't use traps and I live an area that would not need traps for the most part).

I hope he has a trapping license.

I think that only matters if you're actually going out and trapping. Don't think they care if you set them up on your own property to keep the animal away.

Do you think people who own enough land to hunt and trap on get to do so without a license? No, whether it be in your yard, a neighbors yard or the back woods somewhere you have to have a license. (My parents own enough land to hunt and trap on, FYI)

You don't need the licenses with certain types of animals and they don't ask you for documentation when you go and buy them either. I know in my area snares are pretty much cool for anywhere, but the bigger "bear trap" style that actually break the animal's leg might be illegal (or on that way).

Since foxes are hunted for fur I would assume they would require a permit. Where I live it is illegal to even set traps if it isn't trapping season.

Where I live and hunt, if it's your property or your immediate family's, you don't have to have a license to hunt or trap. And for out of season, he can get a license from the local game department if the animals pose a threat.

We live in the hill country outside of the city limits, we can fire weapons on our property with no problem. Same with hunting we don't need a license to hunt wild animals posing a treat to personal property. Please educate yourself before commenting.

Wrong, we live outside of city limits on private property, basically we can do what we want.

jezka374 15

Snare traps are inhuman... Could of just used a regular release trap... Geez.

Is your dog ok? Sorry OP.

Your grandfather is an asshole. Hopefully now that you've seen the danmage these traps caused on your dog, you and your family will realize how inhumane and terrible snap traps are.