By Stinkybedroom - 30/12/2009 13:22 - United Kingdom

Today, my cat was yowling and meowing pathetically outside my door, I checked she had food, water, and she followed me back up to my room. She nestled down on the radiator behind my desk, then threw up all over it. The cat sick is stuck inside the radiator, and it smells just lovely. FML
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Yeah I'm OP, just to clear things up...I am English and 'sick' is a fairly acceptable synonym for vomit (the noun). My cat is NOT stuck in my radiator, it just puked in it, I'm 16, is it so unacceptable to have a family cat in the city? Oh, and yes, I was being sarcastic :P

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Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods. Unfortunately, cats never forgot this.

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Brits don't generally use the word "barf". We use the word sick.


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No, they mean cat barf. "Sick" is the more polite word for vomit. Read closely. Obviously the cat isn't stuck in the radiator. -_-

No, they mean "cat sick", as in "cat puke". What Intoxicunt said. Edit: you're first. No one gives a ****.

Aw that sucks... Have fun cleaning it! FYL

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at least it aint cat crap or your cat, then youd REALLY have problems... hopefully you can resolve that stink problem soon,.. ^^'''''

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Seems as though you're unfamiliar with the use of sarcasm.

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12- ty :D im pissed it got moderated tho >:/

...I hope you're joking. The OP's sarcasm is somewhat obvious.

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I was responding to #6, not the OP.

6 your dumb, it's obvious he was being sarcastic.

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YDI for being a man and owning a cat.

This is why cats suck. everything about them just smells terrible.

i remember when my dog was sick. he was trowing up all of the place and ad the runs. he sleeps in my room.

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