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  bubina  |  14

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  Sputnikspak  |  13

Who cares if it was Justin Bieber or some effing honky tonk whatever. It was a prank. I know a few best men who have pranked the couple by pretending to forget the ring. It's a good story to tell later and isn't the point of a wedding to get MARRIED and not about if the music was perfect or the centrepieces went with the tablecloths or the fish course was dry. People will remember how you react to the prank more than the prank itself. If you laugh and roll your eyes and go with it? Awesome. If you whine and stomp your feet and make a scene? People will remember that way more than the music playing.

Commercialization of weddings has become all about the bride and what she wants and paying an ostentatious amount of money to show off in front of friends (and obviously try to have a 'better' wedding. I'd rather get married like my parents did: in front of their immediate family, each had a friend to stand up for them, and then the party with the rest of the family and friends was at home, with beer in an ice bucket in the backyard and all of the food homemade by my parents' relatives. They were 18 and 21 respectively and they've been married almost 40 years. Oh, and Mom borrowed her dress from a friend - and her brother hid the dress for an hour, almost making her late. Which was hilarious.

Instead weddings have become all about the dress being perfect and everything going according to plan and this huge bridal party that has to match colours and all of this stupid nonsense. No wonder the divorce rate is rising. People spend less time focusing on their relationship and more time focusing on materialistic, capitalistic nonsense.

  wiccaantje  |  20


It's her wedding, she cares.
If you want pranking at your wedding, if you want family cooked dinner (I do as well), if you want a borrowed dress, that is fine.
Forgetting the ring does not equal the imperial death march as a prank.
One is something I can laugh about, the other isn't.
I don't agree with the commercialization of weddings but I don't belive that wanting to walk down the isle to your special music (or even just NOT that song) equals a commercialised wedding.

A lot of people find this music awesome and would find that song at a wedding awesome, then do it at your wedding, but she didn't like it. That is what makes an FML.

  meliadams  |  12

136- Most girls dream about their weddings their whole lives. In wont be spending more than a few hundred dollars on mine. But you can bet your ass I'm gonna have a beautiful dress, flowers, music, etc. and if my brother intentionally ruined what I had worked so hard to plan...I would be royally pissed!!!

  Prolux_fml  |  23

175- Op's brother never ruined the wedding. Looking at the situation with a realistic approach; did it make the whole wedding not worth it and a disaster? No, so the wedding is fine, almost even better off with the brother's prank. Who doesn't like a funny surprise now and then?


Well a wedding can be quite a stressful time, some women plan everything to the last detail and put themselves under a lot of pressure for months. When they walk down the aisle, it’s the consecration of months and months of preparation and everyone is looking at them. So I can understand that your first reaction if you hear the Imperial March instead of your chosen music might not be to laugh it off. I understand also that a woman might feel humiliated and angry if her perfect moment is the object of a stupid prank.
I’m getting married next year, I actually wanted the Imperial March for my bridal march, being a Star Wars fan, but my fiancé put his veto. Shame :)


For my wedding my wife secretly got the quartet to play this when I approached, got a huge laugh. my bride walked in to some nonsense like pachabel's canon in d minor and of course got the requisite hushed silence. I think we all know who won.

  splitintwo  |  6

I couldn't agree with you more.
Although we don't know the relationship between her and her brother, if it's not good this could have came off as more offensive than if they were on good terms. Even though I highly doubt it, if she had picked a song that meant something to her/husband and he played something else instead it really could have ruined the moment.
Personally I have a terrible relationship with one sibling, and a good one with the second. So depending on which one did it I would have said "ruined".
And lastly even though it's funny the DJ was hired to do a job and this could result in some bad reviews and publicity for him and he shouldn't have done it.

  WilliMo  |  8

I agree completely. Weddings and marriages are about two people committing their lives to one another; not showing off, and, let's be honest here, whose parents are willing to spend the (unnecessary) most for the (unneeded) flashiest baubles, pomp and circumstance. People want to preserve and honor marriage? Perfect. No weddings over fifty people (unlimited reception) and focused on the solemnity of their decision to be life partners. Thank you, #136. You are what is still right in this depraved world.

  Riliana_fml  |  7

#2 - You can come to my wedding for free, I'll so be doing that. Oh, and I'll play The Throne Room song during the ceremony.
OP, while I see this as awesome, I'm sorry, your brothers a dumbass. You wanted your special day to be perfect, and he ruined that. Just focus on the fact that you get to spend your life with someone you love, and in the end, that's the important part.

  hooligyn123  |  18

Our recessional music at my wedding was a string quartet version of the main title theme... I can still see how it could be viewed as an FML if she had a song she really wanted played though.

  kyu_Q  |  19

we played the score from Armageddon. it was outdoors and raining so much that the "aile" was flooded. So unplanned I left the altar and carried my fiance through the water. it was epic. I think people will remember your wedding as fun and different not ruined.
oh congratulations op.

  Acik91  |  26

How about 'if neither works, choose neither'? It's not manadatory to vote. Had the problem myself though, but, well, since OP sees it as FML, then she probably didn't like it. FHL it is, then.

  ajnorma  |  16

16 why bother insulting her? She did nothing to you.
This is what annoys me about this site, some people think its okay to say mean things to each other for no reason.

  thatonename  |  7

Ok, I took his comment more as a comment on her personality than as an insult. Does it not stand to reason that the girl with a "non-socially normal" hair color would do and enjoy something a little different at her wedding? I'll admit, all the comments saying "that's not an FML that's awesome" are really stupid in my opinion. If that's what you guys want to do, by all means go ahead. However, since OP posted and FML about it, she obviously did not, which makes what her brother did both disrespectful and immature.

  Acik91  |  26

How about 'Not everybody loves Star Wars' or 'Even if OP does love Star Wars indeed, she may have wanted a bit more traditional wedding'? It's supposed to be her perfect day and she doesn't have to regard what her brother did as awesome.

  QueenSaru  |  28

I don't even like Star Wars, never seen more than five minutes of one, and even Harrison Ford couldn't entice me, but weddings are boring and over fluffed and ridiculous, and a good prank could improve that if you ask me.


I like both Star Wars and LOTR. But I think LOTR IS the BEST movie/trilogy of all time! :) just watched The Hobbit, and it was awesome! Sorry, talking about LOTR in a Star Wars FML.

  QueenSaru  |  28

@185 - I don't have to sit through a whole movie to know I don't like it... I don't go and sit through shit like The Notebook, and I know I won't like that either.

I did give the first one a chance, but not even Harrison Ford could make me sit through the whole thing (I think I lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes), the storyline just doesn't interest me.

I would never say it's a bad film or plot without watching the whole thing, just that it's not something I enjoy enough to bother watching.

By  oj101  |  33

Well, divorce rates are high when they play stereotypically cheery songs, so why not take a chance and do the opposite? Things can only go up from there by the sound of it.