The illustrated FMLs
By treegirl - / Sunday 26 July 2009 05:57 / United States
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  Avenger_fml  |  5

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  Layneebby  |  5

haha i totally agree. I love when my bf does stuff like that, its so cute. I think she ruined the moment by just getting up when he apparently wasn't done cuddling. Most girls would kill for a boyfriend who doesn't want to let go.

  DizzyDemon0  |  5

Okay..i'm lost...WHY IS THIS ON HERE?!?! I always will do stuff to my girlfriend like this..she loves it.. What happened to when girls enjoyed guys being silly and loving and attempting to be cute??


Hahaha you know I just moderated your boyfriends fml.... today i read an fml my girlfriend posted about me acting like a koala and latching onto her.. i thought it was cute. fml. wow you will get a talking to later... now i can say fyl cuz u might lose something good it was cute not an fml. btw i voted yes.

By  carrot89  |  6

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By  mommyKagu  |  7

thats really a sweet gesture, it just means he'd be unable to survive without you! definitely not a fml, more like ilml -i love my life for those who can't read txt speak-

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