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Your boyfriend is awesome.

sounds like she kinda killed the moment

I would have been turned on If my boyfriend grabbed me like that, but the hair thing,eww, I hope you washed your hair after that!

Whoops nevermind! The OP said PRETENDING so he acually wasn't MUNCHING On it so it wasn't that bad! Jeez stop whining (:

haha i totally agree. I love when my bf does stuff like that, its so cute. I think she ruined the moment by just getting up when he apparently wasn't done cuddling. Most girls would kill for a boyfriend who doesn't want to let go.

I think it's really cute...haha

Haha that's so cute! Ima do that one day now

Hahaha, agreed. He's awesome. OP, if you don't want him, pass him here.

Your boyfriend is awesome. You are lame.

Sounds like your boyfriend needs to get a girl who actually appreciates his spontaneity and cuteness.

agreed, that was ADORABLE. ♥♥♥

I agree completely! I would have thought that that was adorable! He obviously was just messing around. This is def not an FML or YDI

agreed too! He's funny and awesome, I wish I had a girlfriend with whom I cud do that to without being afraid she breaks up lol

Okay..i'm lost...WHY IS THIS ON HERE?!?! I always will do stuff to my girlfriend like this..she loves it.. What happened to when girls enjoyed guys being silly and loving and attempting to be cute??

Hahaha you know I just moderated your boyfriends fml.... today i read an fml my girlfriend posted about me acting like a koala and latching onto her.. i thought it was cute. fml. wow you will get a talking to later... now i can say fyl cuz u might lose something good it was cute not an fml. btw i voted yes.

oh no! out of all the ASSHOLE guy out there, your boyfriend is sweet and likes you and isn't afraid of being goofy and himself around you.

I love when my fiancée does stuff like that!

What kinda stuff does she do?

Heh. That IS cute. Sounds like something I would try doing to my girlfriend, actually. Although I would nibble her ear instead :3

I agree completely. Most girls would kill for a guy like that, and she should appreciate what she has.

Girls DO like this kind of thing. The OP is just a bitch.

i agree that is the cutest thing

Agreed. It's really cute if you think about it. :3

This. That's actually kind of super adorable.

183: Seriously. Fuck the boyfriend's life for having such a humourless girlfriend!

I completely agree. It was original besides so it was rather adorable.

New ending for MLIG: "I'm sure then I heard God and Jesus laugh. MLIG"

haha sounds like something my boyfriend would do i love that stuff :]

yeah ... and the funny part is he thinks so himself... after he saw this he posted one himself about reading his g/f's post.

jajajajajajajaja i laughed so hard!

Im sure he wasnt actually eating her hair. just chewing something doesnt mean he was eating.

I think that would be awesome! So Adorable.

I approve of this man.

so,so true.

awhh that's cut not fml....ur stupid for thinking it is...wth?

concur. you suck.

I'm surprised no one noticed that this is from cheer up emo kid.

Something my boyfriend would do... and I love it!

you should tell him about the part where the koala gets stoned off the leaves, falls out of the tree and dies

Hey, I like guys be goofy and shit.

i love koala

THAT is clever

I have one that never wants to let me go and he always wants to cuddle :)

exactly! i do this to my girlfriend all the time and she loves it.

this is adorible :D

Maybe she's like the sailor from family guy with trees for her arms & legs

Fucking adorable as shit.

At least it wasn't dog/hydrant.

ya he would of pissed on your hair instead of try to eat it lol

It'd be more hilarious/FML worthy if he said "I'mma shark and you're a baby seal! Omnomnom!"

that would still be completely adorable :3

lmbo! YOU TWO ARE HILARIOUS, I laughed so hard!

LOL oh the imagery.

That's so cute, not an FML. But YDI for having hair that resembles leaves and skin that feels like bark.

You made me lol in real life.

i think its cute. just as cute as when the guy peed on his girlfriend to "mark his territory".

that one took it a little far.

why is that an fml...

Because the OP doesn't know how to have fun. Apparently. I think what he did just oozes cuteness, however. >3!

Awww that's pretty cute

hahahaha. this is my favorite fml now.

thats really a sweet gesture, it just means he'd be unable to survive without you! definitely not a fml, more like ilml -i love my life for those who can't read txt speak-

I agree. If this had happened to me I would have put it on ilmyl...