By AlexB - 19/08/2016 07:01 - United Kingdom - Blackpool

Today, in an effort to try and get fit, I was doing yoga on my carpet when my foot slipped. It went under my radiator, which peeled the skin off my heel like peeling a potato. FML
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Awww I'm so sorry OP. I hope your wounds heal soon, and you can get in shape :)

Upwards of 20lbs, btw.


Awww I'm so sorry OP. I hope your wounds heal soon, and you can get in shape :)

Think about it, the more skin you lose, the less heavy you become. So you're losing weight in the most painful way possible.

I don't think losing skin is healthy and the best way for OP to get in shape

Never thought I'd have a reason to Google "how much does skin weigh"... but here we are.

Upwards of 20lbs, btw.

I can't believe you googled it

Idk why people are disliking this comment, it's obviously a joke to make light of the situation

I'm sorry for that painful experience OP, though I'm sure it will heal soon. Good luck with your peeled potato heel.

Don't worry, you're fitting right in. Yoga is for, cough, posers. I mean, posing.

she's just trying to get in shape, no need to criticize how she does it. She's making an attempt, don't put her down on how she does it

Apparently, the sarcasm was missed. There is no criticizing. It's a play on the word poser, because yoga is composed of various poses. Technically, op is a poser since she engages in yoga. It is what it is. I forget sometimes how fickle of a community FML can be.

Then why did you make your post so suggestive? To test what people would say?

33 - Because it's a joke? It wouldn't have even been a joke if he just said "yoga is for posing".

Hey ur trying to get fit and that's what matters! Don't give uo

Sell it to a cannibal, make profit, repeat.

#10: Pretty edgy, this.

Why would anybody sell skin? Even too a cannibal? Peculiar on OP's part

That sounds traumatic. I need eye bleach now. Hope you're okay OP.

Why would you need eye bleach for a sound?

The image of excessive amounts of peeled skin

That's too much detail...

Maybe the Internet isn't the place for you.

it wouldn't have been made an fml if there were less detail.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Today, I was doing yoga when my foot hit the radiator and the skin peeled. FML. Doesn't sound as bad or entertaining, eh?

That made me gag a little

I will never get that out of my head. Good luck, OP