By AbsolutelyEffed - 19/02/2009 16:57 - United States

Today, I woke up at 5 and studied for my 9:30am exam for 4 hours. When I left my dorm at 9, it was dark outside. Turns out I slept through the entire day and woke up at 5pm. FML
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xolotl 0

I can relate. I've slept through a class I had a really important presentation in because my alarm had been set for pm. Yeah, my fault, but I think this is a valid FML.


burdenofaday 0

Oh, god. I slept through at least three exams at college. Good times. One in particular I didn't notice the little PM light was on when setting my alarm, so I set it for 9pm instead of 9am. I slept until 3pm and the exam was at 10am.

Dr_Phil 0

If this is actually true, then the poster is f'ing retarded. I doubt this actually happened though.

You my friend are sooper stoopid. [Spelled wrong on purpose so people don't attack me]

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elguapo_fml 0

you're an idiot. it's that simple. if you don't know how to set an alarm you deserve to fail your test

yayme 0

lol, cuz daylight at 5am isnt unusual???

kk_fml 0

#42- what college do you go to where there are no windows in the dorm rooms??! Thats like prison! Ive never seen a dorm without windows

We have windows in the dorm room here, but we also have hurricane shutters that make it near impossible to tell night from day if they're closed.

What's worse, missing it, or wasting 4 hours studying for nothing?