This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By phoneless / Sunday 19 June 2016 21:00 /
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By  Sam611001  |  12

no matter how terrifying she looked you should've told her and I'm sure she would've given it back. If not you could've told the restaurant and they might be able to reason with her...

  sturschaedel  |  27

Exactly! What is so hard about "Excuse me, I believe my phone fell into your purse, can you have a look?" It's not like she is likely to bite your fingers off for asking!

By  interesting33  |  36

Jus explain. Or even go to a payphone and ring it and say 'I lost my phone but you seem to have found it, please can you give it to the staff when you leave?' Then you can pick it up later.

  awildwhisper  |  29

I would be wondering then if I'm part of a mystery novel. Why is this phone in my purse? Who is this mysterious lady calling me from a payphone and why does she know there's a strange phone in my possession?? this exciting saga to be continued...

By  LaserCats  |  6

Don't be too hard on OP. Social anxiety is a very real thing, and it's best not to judge someone based on these things. As for you, OP, just call your phone number and ask for it back. No harm done.

  SubparAtBest  |  23

Yes, it is a real thing, but that's kind of an important item to just let someone walk away with. If OP's anxiety is that bad then s/he should consider medication or counseling.

  BananEnigma  |  24

(#9): Not everyone can handle medication, and counselling only goes so far. Even so, a lot of people still have these issues even WITH medication... It's not a one-size fits-all. Not everything will always work out the way we want it to, everyone's different, and OP should NOT be shamed for having these issues. I'm sure they're well aware of how it seems to outsiders.

  MandieL  |  27

If OP had mentioned social anxiety, I think these comments would be a lot more supportive. But they didn't. OP mentioned that the lady looked scary, and then wanting to dig through her purse when she went to the bathroom (what woman leaves her purse unattended while she goes to the bathroom anyway) So rather than giving the FML community a reason to believe their life sucks, they gave the FML community a reason to believe they are judgey. I believe this is the reason for all the negative comments.

  rustybucket  |  24

OP said nothing about social anxiety which leads me to believe that's not the problem. However OP did mention how judgmental they are so that's where all of the negative comments are stemming from.

  ashatash  |  12

agree some people's anxiety is worse than others but if they were out alone at the coffee shop it would lead me to believe they weren't too anxious but who knows. I sure as hell know I wouldn't let them walk out with my phone but I'm not that person so I can't judge too much

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I have social phobia and Id be way more terrified of going through someone's purse to retrieve it when they were gone!! I don't understand how you could think it's a good idea. So many things could go wrong, she could come back and see you or other people could see you and realize it's not your purse and you're taking something from it.

By  SubparAtBest  |  23

Do you have super bad anxiety or something? Might wanna try to get help with that if it's making you lose important items like your phone. What if it was your keys or wallet instead? If the outcome would be the same then that'd certainly something to deal with immediately.

  SchuBomb  |  2

If their anxiety is causing them to consider touching other people's property instead of making a simple explanation, that's definitely a reason to seek help.

  BananEnigma  |  24

Exactly. Even if she wasn't a girl, most people don't leave their backpacks, luggage, bags or purses out in the middle of a busy cafe while going to the bathroom (or going anywhere, I might add), especially if they're alone. It opens you up to theft too easily.

  anonymuse_fml  |  31

Depends on where you are. I'm in Canada and left my bag and iPad at my table in a cafe when I went to the bathroom earlier today... I did it in Seoul all the time as well. Would never do it in some other countries, though.

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