By sophiilou - United States - Kyle
Today, I was grooming one of my horses, when she stepped on my foot. I yelled and frantically tried to push her away. She turned her head toward me and shifted the rest of her weight onto my foot. I'm in the hospital now. FML
sophiilou tells us more :
Wow, it got published! Wasn't expecting that. For starters, let me just announce NO BROKEN BONES! HALLELUJAH! Seriously is a miracle. Just a super bruised foot. Second, just to give you an idea, this particular mate is the head honcho if my barn. She thinks she is just queen of the world lol. She hates getting her girth out on, and she knows when it's out. When you hook it up on one side (so it isn't even on yet) she gets PISSED. So that day she decided to just step on me and not move, no matter what I did. I didn't clarify that I did punch her in the shoulder, but this mare, dear lord, she just does not care. That's when she shifted ALL of her weight onto that foot. I wasn't wearing my (much more protective) barn boots because I was late for my lesson and needed to hurry. So instead of grooming and tacking in my barn boots I had my tall boots on. I've actually been bitten by the same mare, for the same reason (girth), and that was probably an even more awful bruise than my foot! I seriously don't know how I get away with just bruises. And I know what you're thinking, "Why do you keep working with her when she injures you 24/7?!" Well, she's an amazing horse, just very sassy lol. Also, to whoever said they had no sympathy for me because I owned a lot of horses so hospital bills would not be a problem, you're just dumb. I could've been forever crippled, and you said you have no sympathy? I could've been forced to never compete again. And you have no sympathy? Wow. I'm not on here looking for everyone's sympathy, don't get me wrong, I actually found the whole incident hilarious. But that was EXTREMELY inconsiderate of you to say that. Thanks for all the good wishes!!!! Smushed Sophie out! :) -OP
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  Kiernan151  |  25

don't know what you guys are Goin on about, whenever I groom my dog, or my uncles horses, they're fine. one of the horses will actually come find me and (gently) bite me to drag me back to her pen

  lalala96  |  19

I've been riding horses for over 10 years & had my foot stepped on countless times, none of which I've had to go to the hospital for. I can't imagine how that feels. Sorry OP, FYL that really sucks.
Oh & grooming depends upon the horse. I've brushed some that do not like it at all & will sit there trying to bite you.

By  mattzawesome  |  28

I really like riding horses, I don't own one or anything though. Anyways, Op my mom broke her back from being bucked off and stomped on long time ago, they can be dangerous. Get better soon!

  riffehunter  |  16

this is why I wear steel toed work boots if I plan on working with horses on the ground. While I have yet to be stepped on ( then again I don't get to work woth horses as much as I'd like) I think prevention is the best way to deal with these things.

p.s. I don't ride with steel toes if I made it sound like that.

  LiquidGoldRose  |  19

Yes but the reason it is specifically a chestnut mare is that mares are typically more difficult to handle/broodier than, say, a gelding while chestnuts are supposedly a bit high-strung and 'not all there'.