By randomman55555
  Today, I was hanging out with this really cute boy that I liked. We were starting to get personal, intimate, and really connecting. That is, until my roommate shouted that his girlfriend had just, "clogged our toilet and shit was overflowing onto the floor." FML
randomman55555 tells us more :
hey guys OP here, Just to clarify I invited the hot guy over to play some video games to get know each other better. My housemates girlfriend as you can imagine is a regular at our place. She is the one who clogged the toilet, and has no idea who my crush is. But because my housemate can't even preheat the oven, it's no surprise he doesn't know how to unclog a toilet. I Had to step in before the water got out of the bathroom, ruining our wood floor and loosing our $2,000 deposit. Hope this cleared things up.
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  nonsensical  |  26

No. Hitting the fan would be worse cuz then the shit would not only be on the floor, but the walls, ceiling, furniture... imagine the scenario!

  randomman55555  |  11

Just to clarify the person who clogged the toilet was my roommates girlfriend, not the hot single boy I have been trying to get alone fore weeks. On top of it all I ended up unclogging it because he doesn't know how to use a plunger. FML

By  Rabite  |  28

How can you hang out with someone in your flat and not notice that there is an extra person who probably came with him? Did she go directly to the toilet and stayed there the entire visit?