By pimmster - 14/12/2016 16:54 - United Kingdom - Smethwick

Today, I wanted quiet time, so I decided to go out for a walk in the dark. It was cold, so I made a mess of my room trying to find my favourite hat. When I got back home, I was greeted by my mother in tears with cries of, "Oh thank god you're back!" She thought I'd run away. FML
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sonasonic 34

Tell your mother they invented portable landlines already.


sonasonic 34

Tell your mother they invented portable landlines already.

Depending on how old you are, this is, or is not an FML.

Even if you're 30 your mom will still worry. I'm sure she doesn't care that you are going out but at least let her know

I'm also 19 I don't see the issue unless she's tried to force you out of the house or something. Being a legal adult doesn't mean your family instantly stops caring or worrying about you. I go on walks at night and I always let my mom or brother know so they don't panic.

I think it's sweet that she was worried about you. Not all people are lucky enough to have parents who care so much.

Not saying this isn't an FML in its own right, but if I ever did that I'd have been the one crying from the can of whoop-ass my mother would unleash on me.

For wanting some time on your own outside?

No, for leaving the house without telling them.

I don't know. Unless they're like 12, the parents should be able to trust their kid to be independent enough to not demand to know where they are at all times.

I'm 25, and my mom still asks me to tell her when I get to places safely. No, I do not still live with her, but she's still my mom. Love doesn't care how old you are. If you love someone, you worry about them.

10, some people are that way. That's just how they are, no should or shouldn't about it. The moment you start saying stuff like "x person should act like y", expect to get a lot of backlash.

I'm 27 and still text my mom when I got safely from on place to another. On longer road trips. Not every day when I come to my apartment from work. But when I have a few hours drive I'll text her once I arrived. Or she asks the next day or soon after, if everything's ok. As I am married, just long distance right now (That's where the long drives come from), she knows my husband would alarm her, if something had happened and that I also am in contact with him about safely arriving. So sometimes I forget to notify everyone :D But she does this also, when she's traveling she'll text on arrival, so we don't have to worry. I like it :)

Wait, thats so nice, she was glad that your back, she loves you, whats wrong with your life? The fact that she would think you ran away? I mean I've gone out in my backyard and nearly had the police called cause I wasn't home.

I know the struggle. I snuck out once when I was 17, just to hang out with my friends late. Parents were asleep it was 10:00pm. I left a note saying I'd be back and ten minutes Iater they were calling me crying thinking I was off to commit suicide. (I wasn't suicidal or self harming or anything)

Why'd the thought comes to her mind in first place? Have you done this before or threatened to do so?

At least she didn't make you clean up your room.

At least you know you'd be missed if you really had run away

I once went for a walk when I was twelve. Not only did my mom get the entire family looking for me but has the police looking for me too. Needless to say, no one was happy with me for winding up two or three miles from home and being gone for six hours because I was essentially distracted.