By MrKento - 08/04/2013 23:16 - Honduras - Tegucigalpa

Today, I had to get my grandparents out of jail, because they were caught having sex in a public place. They excused their actions by saying that you can only be young and stupid once, so if you continue doing stupid actions, you are still young. FML
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:l Apparently it wasnt a good Idea to let know my grandparents that people thought they were awesome cause of their public stunt....

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ilovera 7

Ahhh grandparents. That's hilarious.

lissa_jade 22

apparently things get a little wild when Monday night bingo is cancelled..


ilovera 7

Ahhh grandparents. That's hilarious.

ColCyclone 17

Your grandparents may have discovered the secret to immortality

I think once you reach a certain age, you are wise and sweet, each wrinkle represents wisdom and a story.. You are revered. More importantly you can do whatever the heck you want and people will just find it cute. You're like a big human kitten. ._.

#63 Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.

bethers_ 22

Nothing like a little spontaneity :)

I guess the part that I was raised by them got chopped off in the Moderate the FML's section. :l Yes. I was raised by these geniuses, which by the general support of you people are now extatic cause people in the "interweb" support their public fornication. :l thanks.

In no way is this funny. They are ******* stupid. Nobody should have sex in public place...Well, a few places is ok like your car for example. A beach is nice to? Idk.

enormouselephant 15

Sounds like Gma knows her G-spot!

MeowZebraMeow 7

Your grandparents are amazing!

lishajoy777 14

Is it wrong of me to think they're awesome??

No. That's totally ******* awesome. It's my nee Motto now.

perdix 29

#4, it depends on how much you visualize them doing it. If you are just thinking of them abstractly "making love," you're OK, but if you're seeing him give her balls-deep anal, you've got problems.

lissa_jade 22

apparently things get a little wild when Monday night bingo is cancelled..

Imhere4fml 24

If they have enough energy for that, then they sure must be young!

They sound wonderful and I completely agree with them. You are only old if you feel and act old. :)

It's like the old people version of SwagYolo! At least OPs GParents are up with the times?

It was a joke... Nobody likes swagyolo...

No one intelligent likes the phrase YOLO.

bamagrl410 31

swagyolo? Not sure if that's the joke or if that's actually a phrase and you were just using it in a joke... Either is a viable and scary option.

bigdude1302 2

You probably didnt even know they were still having sex:P now you do I guess haha!