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Today, I got home and realized that I didn't have my keys and my mum had said she wasn't going to be home till the next morning. After a long wait I decided I'd have to break a window to get in. Almost immediately after closing the door I watched as my mum pulled up in the driveway. FML
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cheeraio92 tells us more.

this was my story. in response to some of your questions, i broke the window pane in a door. so i reached in and unlocked the door, letting myslef in. by the way, some of these comments are genious, i LOL'd

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So you broke a window, but closed the door? How does that make sense?

Hey, let's break a window, instead of asking a friend or a neighbour if you can sleep over that night 


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were u broken up at the situation

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insert number that no one gives a **** about thats also hash marked below the text of my post I I V

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So you broke a window, but closed the door? How does that make sense?

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lol i was thinking that too, but maybe he unlocked the door for some reason and walked back in lol nvm stupid reason

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Maybe he broke the window by the door and unlocked the door from the inside?

Maybe its like that old saying goes-- God never breaks a window without opening a door. :p

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Dude, I don't know. OP maybe had the doors like we have where there's the solid door with the flanking windows and turned the lock through the hole in the glass. And yeah, YDI. You always need a spare key, or the garage keypad things so shit like this doesn't happen.