By Migole - 24/02/2013 01:42 - Germany - Leverkusen

Today, a colleague gave me an expensive box of chocolates for my birthday. I was surprised she spent so much on me, but didn't think much of it. Only when I got back home and excitedly opened the box did I realise the chocolates had expired months ago. FML
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Migole tells us more.

Those were still fine luckily but in general it can expire, yes. It becomes all grey and greasy and tastes like soap. Not nice :/

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Give them back to her for her birthday!

you have a crappy colleague..


JJ_Rokk 10

Just have a little fun and leave it on someone's doorstep or mailbox. Talk about a secret admirer ;)

Just do what she did and quietly step aside and Re wrap it for the next sucker.

Oh you mean the fruitcake method. I wonder if anyone actually eats that shit?

oj101 33

Melt it, and regift it to her as one unsightly lump wrapped in some fancy paper and ribbon. Karma's a bitch.

I ate some bad chocolates before. I was watching a movie so the lights were dim and I didn't notice the funky greyish colour until I turned the lights up. It tasted something awful! It had a chalky texture and crumbed quickly. It wasn't easy getting that taste out of my mouth!:P

Some store probably sold it to her that way! Surely ahes not that immature.

WrongRomance 11


That's exactly what I said but not as good. Get off my koolo!

You can recycle them for her when it's her birthday.

perdix 29

Give her a pair of front-row tickets to the Amy Winehouse concert.

...Or to a Kathy Griffen stand-up comedy tour.

ColbyGB 13

At least they tried, kinda..

How and why does chocolate gets to expire?!

Old chocolate will turn white or grey in places and will have a chalky texture. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's disgusting.

I know that. Sorry. I meant that chocolate should never last long enough to expire. It is sad, as sad as expired condoms.