The more things change…

By J.O.S - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, airport security took away my 32$ eyelash curler, because it could be used as a weapon. I miss the '90s. FML
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YDI for trying to bring a wea- wait, what? $32 for something so useless?

I still dont understand how this could be a weapon ... throw it? clamp them?


YDI for trying to bring a wea- wait, what? $32 for something so useless?

So you're a terrorist, OP?

Same thing happened to me! sorry OP :/

My name is Freeze, not OP. Stupid.

why waste so much money on an eyelash curler? they hardly do the job

I don't waste money on eyelash curlers.

Yeah, Freeze, you get your panties in a bunch over threadjacking. We get it. Get over it, pussy.

Now you're replying properly! Woo hoo.

we werent replying to you in the first place

I thought you might bring that up, but I had a little more hope in you. I was expecting something more clever.

If you weren't replying, why is your comment up here? Huurrr duuurrr. I don't think calling me a pussy is really clever, though. Try a thesaurus.

because i want my comment to stay on the first section of comments huurrrr duuurrr.... everyone does it. YOUR A NOOB FREEZE

Right, because "stupid" really demonstrates your broad vocabulary.

#29, you're* #30, you're right. You ignoramus!

freeze, stfu. i hope OP kills you with her eyelash curler.

Haha! OP wrote 32$ instead of $32. FAIL. Funny, isn't it freeze?

31 - he was right with "your". Stop trying to impress the Internet since you have no friends in real life. Your (not you're btw) age (almost 12 years old) is obvious to us. Good day

Until next time, Freeze.

#37, please reread my comment and then walk away in shame. The "#29" means I am addressing #29. I am assuming you read it before I edited the "#29" part, but you're still an idiot because you should have been able to infer that the new line separating each sentence meant I was talking to both persons. Good day to you.

31 - I wrote that before your edit. My bad 

orange you half I didn't say jdhsnHv&;&Ynsj?

40 - Fuck you. Shouldn't you be getting ready for middle school? Why the fuck would a blank line in between let anybody know you were talking to both people? GTFO

i moderated this

this actually happened to me. the airport ppl put my bag through the xray machine and then started ripping through my bag to find it haha. FYL

SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Freeze is the most awsomest awsome :D

YDI for being from Arabia. Stupid no-good terrorist.

Must be a good fucken eyelash curler! Still don't understand how it can be us

eye lash curlers are NOT useless!! I would absolutely DIE without mine!! FYL OP!!

Freeze, you are truely the greatest first poster ever

I miss the 90's too, shit was alot easier back then.

i admire freeze ._.

Eyelash curlers tbh are useless. You can get them heaps cheaper at chemists also, like $10?

Freeze, You rock. I like how you put it to those idiots.

I agree. Freeze tells it like it is. Thread-jackers suck.

$32, not even freakin $30. oh the accuracy!

I recently managed to pass through with some forbidden pills... I didn't even know I had them with me, thought I'd left them at home. Good thing I didn't get caught. After this, the op's case seems even more unfair. They take away lashcurlers, but not forbidden pills. God bless the security system.

Freeze I love u don't listen to these thread-jacking morons. And ur funny as well :D

Freeze, good on you. :] I hate when people comment up here and then my comment is like three pages behind. -.- Its just stupid.

Trust me, the threadjacking was way worse just about a few months ago.

no wonder your lashes look like sh*t. spend some money and you might look decent.

#79 irony ftw!

I HATE airport security.. and there stupid rules

freeze Is pro.

YDI for airport security taking away your 32$ eyelash curler, because it could be used as a weapon. You miss the 90s.

Everything can be used as a weapon...

@24 Freeze, I don't think calling you a Thesaurus will get the reaction they're after.... What is that, some sort of dinosaur? :-)

Italian air security sucks. I took a plane from Naples to Paris, a cheap flight, but I noticed I had a lighter in my pocket in the middle of the flight. Crazy, no?

112, you're right. Even our bare hands can be used as weapons. I guess the airport security's gonna take THOSE away soon, because some terorist might decide to CHOKE someone! hahaha God, the government's gone crazy with what we can have and where. I was at the airport this summer, and the security guard demanded to search my bra. The one I was WEARING I punched him & had to go to court for assault. But the judge ruled in my favour, saying he was out of line, & it was sexual harassment. I knew I loved the witnesses at the airport. ^_^

I agree with freeze.. anyone who replies to the first comment just to get their comment on top is a noob.

really, would you die? just for saying that someone should take your eyelash curler and see what happens.

you aren't serious, are you?

lol @ the101dan telling freeze to go to middle school when he doesn't know the difference between "you're" and "your"

Freeze is cool. Don't spread hate.

I agree with Freeze.

stupid is as stupid does,so r u.

freeze- I liked ur grammar nazi pic better.

ha! ur a noob! and that's the nice way to put it. chew on that freeze!

#132, thank you for regurgitating the past discussion here. Spell check was invented for assholes like you - please use it.

rofl I learnt about this 'law?' in a MichellePhan video xD. but OP, it does suck : and they don't even tell you or hold it for you. they take it and IRS forever gone :(

125: how was ur trip to Nipples?!? lmao

32$ is right. She's from Quebec you dumbasses. Educate yourselfsss!

Yeah, maybe after 9/11, where everybody got so sensitive. Thanks a lot, bin Laden.

you diserve it for buying a 32$ eyelash curler you got riped off and they have a thing that you canail it back to your house for you

Reply to Freeze: Oh my god. Nobody fucking cares about thread jacks. Nobody but you, which turns you into a nobody. You fail for continually rechecking this FML to reply to every comment.

Actually, I have notifications enabled so I get a little message each time someone responds. I think the thumb ratings here are evidence of "nobody caring." If you would kindly STFU and stop sending me notifications about your QQ, that would be great.

Dick riding at its finest. Stop stroking his ego. Anyway, I don't know why people care so much about the commenting system. Don't lose any sleep over something so ridiculous. Correcting people will not make them stop, so why waste your time? Oh maybe you just love when people praise you for it, "freeze you win, freeze you're my hero, freeze I love you, etc." I guess, if that makes you feel better about yourself. Cheers.


160- haha clever, I like it... the trip was riDICkulously good.

wow. get a grip...

freeze is the best!

Why does everyone hate on freeze? He's actually quite funny, :p

94, I was not being "ironic". I was replying to Freeze, number one.

2 camels in a tiny car..

#175, stop bitching. I don't PM random people to come post "freeze winz lolz1!!" In fact, it's kind of annoying to see people use the same level of grammar that I criticize. Apparently you think I make people look stupid so someone can stroke my ego. QQ some more, but if it makes you feel better, Nena winz!!!

35- The OP is from Québec, and in French, writing the dollar sign after the number is what's correct.

If you're in the US, you're LYING out of your ass because it's procedure that a FEMALE security officer handwand or pat down a female passenger. A male officer would NEVER touch you or even attempt to touch you.

YDI for having uncurled eyelashes.

dude stop being a douche...

that's not true. a male security guard can search females.

This so are country doesn't get attacked again by those fucks it's to protect everyone so stop fucking being a baby and grow up and understand why this happens!!! FUCK YOU!!

freeze: you're a faggot. and now I know when I go to the Bahamas this Christmas to not pack an eyelash curler:)

#206 don't say that unless you want his minions to give you a thumbs down and bury your comment.  Its funny how he rejected them but they still worship him. The Internet is funnyz.

the dollar sign goes in front of the 32

freeze is the SHIT.

hey freeze- don't act like u never commented on the first comment.

omg freeeze stfu

60: That's incredibly pathetic. -.- 192: It may not be "procedure", but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. You think there isn't one asshole security guy in the entire US who'd find a way to break procedure, if it meant he could cop a feel?

Oh, also meant to say that 32$ makes more sense to me than $32. You don't say "dollars thirty-two," you say "thirty-two dollars."

Freeze = FML Troll.

thats how they put it in quebec, dumbass

that's how French people write it

37 you fail. I agree with 8 k?

@205 - there always needs to be a balance between protecting ourselves and loss of civil liberties. At one extreme, we are all completely protected, but it's useless because we have no freedom left to actually do anything. At the other extreme, every criminal is free to do what they want, and everyone else has to fend for themselves. Somewhere in the middle is a reasonable compromise - and it is *always* a compromise. We keep enough freedom to be able to enjoy our lives - and we are not as protected as we would all really like. But simply justifying every idiotic action in the name of "security" is dangerous - it is too easy to allow important liberties to be lost. Each "security" measure has to be weighed in terms of freedom lost versus security gained. Your shouting that every act of airport security - no matter how idiotic is justified worries me. It appears you aren't considering the downsides at all. Peace and Freedom, all.

Freeze I love you :)

60 if you would die without an eyelash curler you're life is insignificant.

You know what's weird? My mother got through 4 airports with a pair of scissors in her purse, but we saw a guy get kicked off because there were spikes on his flip flops.

Freeze is probably a forum troll.

35- in French, the dollar sign is written after the number. OP wrote this from Québec.

I just about died reading this, i love mine:)

I guess they're right. The curlers can be used as a weapon.

120, I love your picture!!

weaboo alert!


Fuhohohoho... Don't we all, darling? Although, I prefer the 70s myself!~ Such nice music!

50's FTW! Sorry much better music back then. Just sayin'.

Wasn't nearly as catchy... But that's just my opinion, darling.

70s! Sabbath.. Zepplin m/ although I'm guessing you're the BeeGee's kind :/

70's or the 80's. 70's had Sabbath Zepplin Cream Clapton ETC and the 80's had the metal that I love Mettalica Iron Maiden Megadeth Slayer being born in 1994 sucks

mirorbo idk why but that laughing thing and the "darling" annoys me

Like I stated earlier before my comment was removed. The 50's FTW!

they did that with my makeup remover. it was one ounce over the limit and 1/4 full. but they go by container size cause that has so much to do with how much is in it. screw security.

6, terrorist.

what's it to you?! XD

I didn't say it was a bad thing :D Although terrorism is pretty bad...

Well then I guess you implied it as a bad thing. if it's bad.

You can buy bottled water and soda at the airport and you can take it on the plane... those containers are obviously larger than three ounces. And it's possible to take multiple 3-oz. containers of the same thing. I don't have a problem with airport limitations (some of them aren't that bad), but why make so many if people still get past said limitations and harm others.

spicyduck, the rent a cop obviously saw your natural beauty and figured you didn't need the makeup remover.

awsome. looks like I'm talking to myself XD

that was a compliment

I still dont understand how this could be a weapon ... throw it? clamp them?

Pull out someone's eyelashes with it or blind them?

Google is an Internet search engine.

OP means Original Poster.. I think

what's bra stuffing?

by the way you like to insult women, I can assume you're either gay or just so unlucky with the opposite sex that it made you hate all the female kind.

No just hate certain types thank you :-)

#14, OP stands for "Old-timey Pizzaz". It's when people are nostalgic for the snazziness of the 1930s. Glad I could help!

Trollz, don't lie. Everyone knows it means Orange Puppies.

First of all, you're a moron for spending that much money in an eyelash curler. If that wasn't enough, you certainly deserve it for not bothering to look at a list of items allowed on a plane. They are by no means difficult to come by.

yeah cause eyelash curler is really going to be on that list. airport security is a joke, people get through with things all the time and I find it really hard to come up with any scenario where someone could be injured by an eyelash curler anyway

sallen, you sound like a dick just reading what you said

OP= Original Poster Sorry, op. :(

dumbass. the "$" goes before the number, not after.

Dumbass! It can go either way! You're way isn't the only way, you idiot. OP: YDI just for spending that much on an eyelash curler.

I've never heard of it being correct to put it after