That's one way to start the weekend

By Monkey - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my mom called me from jail. She was arrested for having sex in public. I was with my dad when I got the call. FML
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Everyone always wondered why you don't have any of your dads features

This is one of those double whammy FML's. It's like life gave you a one two punch to the nuts.


Everyone always wondered why you don't have any of your dads features

This is more of an FML for the dad..

csickcman 11

OP. You're mom is a prostitute. Cheers! :)

41. You're an idiot! Cheers!!!

Inheritance 10

'Mommy why is daddy a different color?' 'Well son that's a wonderful question, ill tell you after you move out and we lose all contact.'

mduffy08 8

56 - I like dark humor and all. But your joke was just not funny.

55- that would've been epic with your former profile pic, the one that said "Surprise! You're a retard!"

91, holy shit. I regret getting the species change Surgery more than I thought. :( Whatever, I'm still a fucking Ferret!!!

Jeterforever 3

Don't pick her up.

They were probably divorced. You've got a dumb mom, sucks, but whatever.

killer6969 16

Fucking bitch

I think the FML is worse if they weren't divorced... There would be no importance in telling us that his father was next to him if so; it's already bad enough without it.

FlyMeAway 2

That must've been awkward to tell your father. FYL OP.

I'm sure OP wanted to do as your username says.

Dad, it appears that your wife, my mother, is a cheating whore and we must go to the police station to pick her up. Nah, that's not too bad... O.o

They could be divorced. Just because OP was with his dad at the time doesn't mean his parents are married. It may be awkward for him because who would want to tell their father that his ex-wife was caught having sex with someone in public, especially if the divorce was recent. But of course, this FML is made more FML-y by us assuming OP's parents are married. :)

I hope your father decided to leave her ass there she deserves it.

This is a wtf response to a fucked up question. Someone clearly is psycho as in the mother.

crazytwinsmom 25

FDL, dad's.

It seems like they couldn't be divorced for this to be an FML.

This is one of those double whammy FML's. It's like life gave you a one two punch to the nuts.

Or a miscalculated spank.

Or an attempt at a hand job that was "too forceful" and that hurt like hell (apparently) and resulted in you screaming and then breaking up with life after she calls you a pussy. And that's how I lost my third boyfriend.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#72 that sounds... Personal…

It's FML. We're all family here.

74) In that case, can I borrow twenty dollars?

72: What the fuck? Were you trying to rip his dick off? Those parts are sensitive! The guy's telling you to stop tearing off his wiener, so you call him a pussy? I'd dump you too.

iTsbSkuLLy 8

#12 Fallout fan?

Krajjan 9

76- Never loan money to family.

12 - No joke man... women don't get it. Don't try to slap my ass. Just because my boys are in the front, doesn't mean they're not in the back too. Always taking back-of-the-sack shots...

74 I don't talk about handjobs with my family....

it's called making extra money

I don't think mommy is being a hooker. Hookers normally know all the hiding spots for public sex.

imavelociraptor 6

Is it really public if you're hiding?

Who doesn't want 50% more cash?!

The baby doesn't. Who, In this case, is the 4th commenter.

It's called illegal...

Making extra money = OPs mom paying him to keep the secret from his dad.

Big_lama6 7

Was she actually expecting you to bail her out?

My guess is hoping they weren't with dad at the time. Oops.

Thts an awkward conversation with you mum. And wayyyy more awkward with your dad with you. I feel bad for you and your dad.

You did not tell your dad did you? That's when you slip away and bail mom out and blackmail her to get things you want.

What a wonderful influence you are, sir!

infamous56 0

You are an idiot

So that's why they call you "smallshaft".

I'd think if she had the money to get op all the stuff he's supposed to be blackmailing her for, she'd be able to pay for her own bail

Wow. What a great idea. You should be a life coach!!!

I am pretty good at it, it's not hard. You write stuff and hit send. Same as you did. It's amazing.

Maybe your parents are ninjas and you just didn't notice? well your mom did get caught so it's more likely that it's just your dad who's a ninja. either way FYL.

olpally 32

That's intense... There's a bedroom for that kind of thing... Lol... Dumb ass parents ya got there op...

skittycat213 19

Just the mom

You do realize the mom didn't have sex with the father, right? Please tell me people aren't REALLY this dense.

olpally 32

Yes I do realize that... Now, shut up and thumb me down...

#36 you do realize it was a joke right? Please tell me people arent this clueless.

#46 You realize he just didn't use grammar right,right? Please tell me people aren't this nazi-sh

PhishloverA 14

#46 you do realize #36 was reacting to the last part of the comment where it said dumb "parents" instead of "mom", right? Whether it's a joke or not he was still wrong by saying "Parents."

Krajjan 9

38- ... More?

Did she want to get caught? Sure as hell seems like it. I feel sorry for your dad.. D:

A lot of folks who have sex in public are exhibitionists who either like being watched by others and/or who are trying to shock people.

Well, isn't that kinky, or maybe she wanted a way out of her relationship with the other guy, but didn't know how to tell him...