By Anonymous - 20/11/2020 08:08

Sounds like a keeper

Today, it's been a week since my boyfriend has touched me or even paid attention to me, because I refuse to buy him a car. I do everything for him and he owes me $3,000 already, but when I cried about using my savings on him, he said, "That’s not my problem.” FML
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By  Ellimac21  |  9

Get out. Red flags. Red flags everywhere. Your boyfriend sounds like an entitled brat.
- He does not pay you back the money he owes you.
- He does not pay for his stuff and expect people to do it.
- When you tell him about your distress, he selfishly reacting ('not my problem' what kind of answer is that?). Well it is not your problem if he can't pay for his car.
- He tries to manipulate you emotionally by neglecting you. I am pretty sure that count as abuse.

As I said, get out. The only thing he seems good at is holding you back and leeching your money.

By  heartbreaker  |  8

This man is abusing you. Just because he is not leaving physical signs of abuse on your body does not make what he is doing okay. He seems to have a control grip on your mind; and he makes you to feel like less then you are by denying any affection towards you. I have been there. I even begged my ex to hug me or just touch my shoulder. He refused. A different man was able to mentally abuse me also and could guilt trip me into spending absurd amounts of money on things which specifically benefited only him. Cell phone, traveling with his 'cousin', (was not his cousin), even connections to get a job. Which he was fired from. Those experiences are in my past now; and I am with a man who is very worthy of my love. Please know your worth. You can do it.

By  xxlk4xx  |  2

kick him tf out, hes using you. you deserve WAY better then him! I am currently a stay at home mom while my husband supports us, I would never dream of acting that way towards him!

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  14

get him out. this guy is essentially a prostitute, not your boyfriend.

By  EVR  |  7

a little bit more info on how he was before because if he has changed to this, talk it out he may have issues like depression and I know this from experience as I am going through severe depression and anxiety. If he isn't going through any of issues he's probably with you for the money, remember talk it out don't assume, because assuming breaks relationships, so does taking your money and if he is with you for the money, dump him.

By  Warp1978  |  9

Time to leave, if he cannot take care of himself and expects you to pay for everything GTFO.

Because this won't be a one time thing this will be the case all the time. I speak from bitter experience. Please pack a bag and leave.