Slipping up

By FastFlight - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my daughter used Pledge to clean the wooden staircase. I found out when I tried to walk down them in socks. FML
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Either her heart was in the right place, or it really, really wasn't.

Ouch. At least she does more than other kids these days.


Brilliant name in relation to the story!!

It's wood polish. Makes things slippery. At least they're shiny and lemon scented!

can you sandpaper it off or something? Except then you'd have to re varnish the stairs....

It wouldn't have made her socks wet. Pledge dries extremely quickly and even if you do a bad polishing job it makes any surface extremely slick to the point that it's like stepping on a sheet of ice. However, Pledge does have a wonderful lemon scent to it. =]

i agree with #5 theres nothing worse then wearing wet socks lmao sheesh i mean you cant be to mad at least she cleans thats whats important

My mother did that with the basement steps once. My ass hurt for 4 days.

Look on the brightside. If burglars try running up/down your stairs than they won't get too far.

I doubt it'll be as effective as wearing socks.

Pledge furniture polish is used here in the US. Its not supposed to be used on wooden floors or stairs, as it makes surfaces VERY slippery. I'm sure your kid was just trying to be helpful, hopefully you didn't get hurt too badly.

learn a lesson? probably not... always put your hand on the rail when walking down stairs.

Haha I should do that and try to run around in socks 8D Except not on the stairs, but actual wooden floorboards.