By cougar26 - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Pullman

Today, my boss had a breakdown and sent me home early. Apparently my voice reminds him of his abusive stepfather. He said I'm lucky he's on medication. FML
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concon4815 10

Report him to HR. That's a hostile work environment

Home early? Sounds like extra time to work on your resume. At this rate, it sounds like you're going to need it...


concon4815 10

Report him to HR. That's a hostile work environment

leogachi 15

@1 I hope that was a joke.

JustinJK 21

@17 your life is a joke

@17, no it wasn't, the boss threatened OP. @19, that was just uncalled for.

I feel bad for the guy, and I hope he gets the help he needs, but there's no excuse for this. #1 is absolutely right.

Home early? Sounds like extra time to work on your resume. At this rate, it sounds like you're going to need it...

Was the breakdown because of your voice or was he already feeling down before and so had this feeling about you voice?

Either way is doesn't matter in a professional environment

You might want to consider searching for a new job...

I'll be honest it sounds like you got a nice short work day, sounds pretty good to me. I do feel somewhat sorry for your boss though, if he does have issues the reminder can't be nice

Geckosrock99 33

Only nice if he is on salary. If it's hourly, he basically got his hours cut all because the boss can't get his shit together.

leogachi 15

@11 Spoken like someone who's never been abused and can't empathize.

It's immature of the boss to send OP home because of this. Yes, abuse is a problem, but it isn't fair to take it out on workers who could potentially lose money. If he was having difficulty with his emotions he should have stepped back and handled them.

@ 18 It's okay to empathize with someone about something like that, abuse is awful, I know from experience. But if you work for a living, especially if you're supporting a family, then it really isn't okay to shorten someone's paycheck because you're having a hard time, especially with something Op can't control.

katachristic 19

@18 spoken like someone who doesn't understand that part of being professional is leaving your personal baggage at the door.

leogachi 15

I wasn't clear before, and that's my fault, but I didn't mean that Op's boss should be able to cut his hours anytime he wants. I just meant that #11 shouldn't be going around and telling victims of traumatic experiences to "get their shit together".

I do agree that he needs to get his shot together. Not because he has trouble because of the abuse, but because he decided to take it out on op and even say something that indicates he would harm op if he was off his meds. I understand that he has to deal with it everyday, but it's not an excuse to be hostile toward op for something he can't control.

Spoken like someone who has never relied on an hourly wage.

@18 I went through an extremely horrific childhood with my stepfather and I would never treat an employee like that. It's not fair to the employee and if the manager has that much of an issue with someone's voice he should try to work on it with a therapist or stay away from that person. Not punish somebody for doing nothing wrong.

Time to find a better job. Working at a place like that unfortunately won't end well for you :(

Redoxx_fml 22

Damn it James Earl Jones

I wouldn't want to find out what he's like without his meds, if I were you!

Your username is cougar26 so you must have a deep voice or his stepfather had a very feminine voice.

They didn't say that

Yes it does say he's male, right behind his username.

Talk to HR and have them suggest some therapy for your boss. Hopefully it work out for you. But you might want to look for other work also.