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By Jen - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I was watching "Caillou". It was a Christmas special for preschoolers. I was quite enjoying myself, when it hit me that my kid had been in bed for an hour. I forget what adult TV is. FML
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seseame street or sex and the city - a difficult situation we all face every day

Brundlefly 0

I like watching kids shows still :)


Brundlefly 0

I like watching kids shows still :)

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This is a first, an FML about how you enjoy something. That's when you know FML will take anything.

hahafylop 4

teletubbies ftw

Ponies is the only way

when i was a child, i loved barney. we had cassette that i would listen to all the time. one day when my dad was on his way to work, (he's a bodybuilder R.C.M.P.) he was listening to barney the whole way there

nothing wrong with that, even bodybuikders need their pumped up kicks.

Arthur is still my favourite

seseame street or sex and the city - a difficult situation we all face every day

i'd choose sesame and the city.......NO........just no....

Daft_Punk709 0

Not just no, HELL NO!

Hell I choose Sesame Street. Hearing a bunch of harlots for an hour? I'd rather shoot myself.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with enjoying children's programs. It's a lot better written than most of the crap on tv these days.

Thank goodness you weren't watching that gay dinosaur, Barney. Us parents have done that at one time.


I can still watch that old kids movie Milo and Otis every time it comes on TV.

Loved that movie as a kid! I haven't seen it for so long though; it may be time to go find it.

I think someone needs to watch some back episodes of Dexter.

naza517 0

omg I love that show!!!! miss those days

Oh yeah, been there done that. Just not with that whiney bastard's show.

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i have to watch that show all the time on PBS sprout, for my baby sister and nieces, I think personally caillou looks like a lil chemo patient but other than that he is the shit. I love him. caillou caillou caillou THATS ME.

JanaeIAB 0

yeah, why he was bald?

haha my thoughts exactly!!