By babysheets - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Uruguay

Today, I washed my sheets. They wouldn't dry quick enough, so I had to use my old Buzz Lightyear sheets. My new girlfriend took it upon herself to become a damn psychic and pay me a surprise visit right there and then. FML
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Kraft92 8

Maybe she'll wanna lay on them and play with your Woody? I'm sorry, that was horrible.

What's the problem?


What's the problem?

jrgr 6

I don't see the problem. If your girlfriend is cool, she'll think it's cute.

FMLshark 12

...Then as you go to her house to save from Buzz Lightyear's cock blocking, you discover she has My Little Pony sheets.

Absolutely nothing. If I was his girlfriend i'd probably be jealous of those sheets!

Damn_Hippster 11

Buzz Lightyear is the man! She can only gain more respect for you. To infinity and beyond!!

Given the situation I think it is fine. I however used to date a guy who had a buzz light year action figure hung from his ceiling, now that is weird!

hawkey126 0

Uh. Kitchen sex. Problem solved.

To be fair, i am more of a woody guy myself. "there's a snake in mah boot!"

jojoboy 0

Throw her on your bed and go to infinity and beyond

mccuish 24

I’d be jealous of the MLP sheet since I’m a brony

Buzz Lightyear is one hell of a cockblock apparently

I have arrived in this bedroom and I sense no virginity lossage anywhere.

Tweekz14 5


#84, your intelligence appears to be "infenite."

breeY0 7

"I believe the term you are looking for is 'space ranger''

Only if the girl isn't a Disney kid

I don't see the problem.

TorturedXeno 27

OP's got swag.

Kraft92 8

Maybe she'll wanna lay on them and play with your Woody? I'm sorry, that was horrible.

Nah, she'll probably go home and play with her buzz lightyear. Okay, now that was horrible, as in bad.

connorsan17 12

Up votes for both of you. This post has made my day.

MizzErikaHart 8

She wants to give mr. potato head!

leogirl95 12

What's the problem. Jessie can ride on your Bullseye.

Haha!! Thats fairly fantastic if you ask me!

Fiskerz 0

Wow after reading all these Toy Story just sounds naughty..

You guys are talking about Andy's moms toys, woody and buzz.

This thread is the only reason I added this FML to my favorites :D

Woody won't be the only one with a snake in their boot

youngsora 7

Lml I agree with kimmy ^_^

And thats when you tell her you'll make her clit buzz till her mind is lightyears away

xLights_Out 3

Ahh, i see what you did there

21- Ken you turn out the lights?

I'm lost ... Who ever moderated this must have seen something I'm not getting.

And? I have Spiderman sheets. The moment my girlfriend complains about them is the moment she gets dumped.

KiddNYC1O 20

Loyalty at its finest.

I see you have your priorities straight.

So don't do it in your room. Problem solved.

Guy + Toy Story = Happy Girl

Unless it's the third Toy Story, which makes Sad Girl

jaredofmo 22

To infinity AND BEYOND!