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By MissArizona - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my dad shaved his head. This wouldn't be so bad if he didn't expect me to address him as "Captain Picard" 24/7 now. He won't answer me otherwise. FML
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well then you better address him as such.

Your dad is awesome.


that suck and FIRST !!

well then you better address him as such.

They called me Captain Bitches in basic... Probably cause I was bitchin' awesome. Or because I bitched a lot...

Do I like Kirk? Or do I like Picard

mid life crisis?

and it would also be a good idea if you would go back into the kitchen and make him a darn good sandwich, just to play it safe!

24- spend every weekend at the renaissance fair got my name on my underwearr..

(insert witty comment here)

Number 1 let me ask you something. If I whispered in your ear that commander worf's head looks like a fanny would you join me in a laugh?

Call him Locutus of Borg instead. And say "blow up the damn ship, Jean-Luc!"

(insert horrible insult about 65 here), it's not that funny.

Shave your head and expect him to call you the same thing

(insert a shut the f*** up for 78 here) I can do anything I want!

Picard > Kirk

Yes, I think I might be up for that!

whoops wrong comment!

No Spock, it would be illogical to deny speaking your opinion about your own captain, especially since you are a good two posts into this conversation.

Call him Britney Spears if you want him to shut up.

Mr popo has spoken!!!!!

you could also call him Professor Xavier.

When you're living under his roof you do what you are told, unless it's anything sexual then you call child sevices

Came here to say THIS. OP's dad sounds awesome. Or OP could start calling him "Professor Xavier."

No, he is not worthy of that name.

sounds like your dad is messing around with you. Just roll with it and play along

I agree. besides it won't be long before his hair grows back

I say he pretends like he is 5 like his dad is doing. Fun times.

Your dad is awesome.


Your mom is awesome. *wink wink*

Your mom is awesome *wink wink*

#68 being funny didn't work out for you the first three times you posted, and this is no different

crap wrong post

Ahem 93 nobody asked your opinion on me so if you don't shutup I'll kick your ass granny style.

I commented that I had commented on the wrong comment, on the wrong comment. -.•

Comment moderated.

lmao cool dad

your Dad is hilarious!

Keep slapping his head until he answers.

Or rub his head and look into it to see your future.

Spit on your hand then lovingly rub his head. Wash your hands after, please.

OR, make him a cup of Earl Grey and be satisfied knowing that your dad is AWESOME.

you could call him captain pick arse and see what response you get out of him then

Hmmmm....tell him he looks terrible bald and to make himself look better he needs to put pins all over his face and head. Then you can call him pinhead! The Hellraiser look is the latest fad...

you tried a little too hard. it's okay, we all do it sometimes.

Thanks. Yeah, I want them to take this off now, haha! People around here don't respect pinhead I guess. Bad idea to bring him up :p

if we could delete comments for thumbs down, I would delete 2/3rds of my comments.

Your dad is the shit.