By nazooer - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I thought I was going to my doctor for a yearly check-up. My father had actually tricked me into therapy. FML
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I feel like your dad may be the reason you need therapy...


I feel like your dad may be the reason you need therapy...

Wow. Thought they were going to mess with your vagina. Instead, they messed with your mind.

I don't think a doctor would mess with the vagina. Maybe look at it but I really doubt it

It could if been the yearly gynecologist visit. But maybe OP would if said that.

Oh great, now they're mistaking 've as 'if' instead of 'of'

To be completely honest, I don't know what the fuck happened with that comment. I have no excuse to why I put "if" in the place of the contractions: Could've and would've. That is entirely my fault.

Make the most of your time and talk about how you feel about what your dad did to you, that's what I'd do :)

If your parent thinks you need therapy, then you need it. You'll thank him for it!

Yeah, we really don't know both sides to the story. OP might be mentally breaking down and pulling a Beautiful Mind on us, and we'll end up supporting OP going to therapy later (sorry if you haven't seen it yet, but you really should have already)

Why does this poor bird always get so much hate and thumbs down =[

That's completely and utterly incorrect. I had a friend who was very interested in Irish mythology and druidism (from a purely "I want to learn more about it" stand point) and her mother flipped on her and tried to force her into therapy. No, just because someone thinks you need therapy (even if it's a parent) doesn't mean you do. The only person I would trust with offering me advice on if I need therapy is a psychologist or psychiatrist - no one else.

A therapist cannot help someone that does not want help. Combine this with the larger issue of parents generally using psychologists to pressure and manipulate children emotionally into obeying in order to make up for their lack of effective parenting and you end up with quite an issue indeed. A parent that deceives their child is also a bit of a sign to me that they might not know what's best. FYL op.. FYL indeed!

I don't think so. My mom made me go to therapy when I was 16 because I never cleaned my room.

Interventions suck, but most of the time they turn out okay. Who knows, it may benefit you OP.

Slow down there. OP only said therapy. She's not sucking dick for crack yet. with the need of a large group of friends and family to pull her back from the edge and save her life. As far as we know anyway.....

Therapy is ALWAYS good. Everyone needs some. Its only the people who don't want it who need it the most....denial!

Maybe you need to stop runnnig away from your problems?

Therapy isn't for everyone. People shouldn't e forced into it.

There is some form of therapy for everyone. If you're lashing out at everyone around you and making everyone else's life hell, you shouldn't really get a choice in whether or not to go to therapy.

"But dad, when I said that I wanted to stick shards of glass down the waiters Urethra for getting my food order wrong, I was just kidding."

Wouldn't that be UP the urethra?

Not if the have a facegina or a forehead penis

Yeah, I guess it would be. My bad.

12 - this made me laugh. I was eating yogurt -_-

Tell the therapist what happened and apologise for your dad wasting their time. Unless you're in denial and really do have issues that require therapy. But even so, you'd have to be motivated to do something about it for any therapy to work.

dagnabbit, you've been hoodwinked!