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Today, my girlfriend got a necklace from one of her guy friends. She loves it. It's a heart shaped necklace. She doesn't see a problem. FML
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sweetheartxoxo88 7

Maybe she is so in love with you that she only sees the beauty of the necklace and not the possible implications from the guy friend.

Get her one with a BIGGER heart. Ha


xDex_ 3

uh oh lol

Get her an even better necklace with a much bigger heart. Show them bitches who's boss.

morganrules123 10

5-Throw some diamonds on that bitch!

Just be glad the necklace didn't come with a sappy inscription OP.

Just let your girl enjoy her gift, jerk. Even if it does mean something, she clearly doesn't see it so it doesn't make a difference.

she is o so cheating

Give her a "pearl necklace"....

give her love, it is way more important than all of these material objects. does anyone just want love anymore?

sxe_beast 11

I agree with #5. OP you and your credit card need to go to Tiffany ASAP.

A HEART shaped necklace :o now theyre going to elope have 6 kids and be like it all started with that one necklace. Yeah. You dont read too much into things or anything.

66 Ahahahahaha good one bro.

xoconnie 8

just hope her guy friend is gay...

a_nutritionist 10

er...might this be for a special occasion? if yes, who cares? ive got my female friends better gifts than their boyfriends before, only because i care about them as friends, and the boyfriends are stingy douches.

Stingy douches? Maybe the girls legitimately don't want fancy gifts from their boyfriends. Maybe he doesn't have very much money. Maybe he just wants to show that material things don't matter. Just because you get what you think is a "better" gift, doesn't mean their boyfriend is stingy. Sorry about ranting.

Give a friend that's female that. And tell her it was only a present....

Atleast it wasn't a pearl necklace! :S

Pay no attention to 5, and 15. Dump that bitch, clearly she is clueless

Andrew1122 0

Does she happen to be blonde?

xxdarkxangel98xx 3

She probably doesn't see anything wrong because you never gave her things like that.

When your girlfriend is sleeping repeatedly heat and cool the necklace then put it back where she left it.

was your boyfriend mad that you got them such nice gifts?

that was for 105

Your in trouble buddy, keep her close.

SemperFi_23 6

Buy a ring for one of your "girl" friends

Jammy01jams 2

66 - I'm sort of getting an idea of how the dynamic of relationships work. Most girls are bit he's that want material things. Guys enjoy loving and don't think materials are important. When the girl does not love the guy he cheats. Girls want things from guys and do not receive so do not love the guy and cheat to get stuff like this stupid necklace. Guys are the jerks or the women? I say women.

am I the only one who thinks it's not appropriate that she accepted the necklace?

amayasoma 19

I don't see anything wrong with it because we don't know the whole story. Was it the girl's birthday? Is the friend straight or is he gay? I can't really judge til I know the full story. I gave a friend of mine (girl but she is bi and I'm bi) a heart necklace but it was for her birthday and I do love her, yet as a friend. Why does giving a heart pendant have to seem like the guy wants to get with her? Maybe he loves her like a friend. There are guys that do love girls as just friends. Kind of like a brotherly, sisterly love.

cfl383 0

i would have dropped him..... then kicked her to the curb

Yes, because a heart shaped necklace totally signifies that he loves her and wants to have her babies. You're not paranoid at all...

sydandroid 0

you're retarded. your solution is to dump her because she sees no harm in receiving a necklace from her best guy friend. way to go. I bet you haven't had many girls.

I don't see the prob either

sweetheartxoxo88 7

Maybe she is so in love with you that she only sees the beauty of the necklace and not the possible implications from the guy friend.

oh yeah because hearts don't insinuate shit right? she shouldn't have accepted it if she's so in love.

Ouch. Well your the one that's with her right? Just a necklace... Hopefully.

I don't care how in love she is with OP, how could you not see someone essentially declaring a love for her as a nonexistent threat? But maybe that's just me being male and not understanding that a heart is in fact not relative to love and is just meant to be a token a friendship :| Explanation?

True. A heart, in most cases, does signify love.

2 - I truly admire your optimism but a heart is kind of hard to see as just a nice gesture from the guy

My best guy friend gave me a necklace once and my ex went mental about it.. My best friend is gay! OP may be overreacting or he may be totally justified, nothing is ever black and white. If it was a gift for no reason I'd be pissed but if it's her birthday or something and her friend knew she wanted that specific necklace I don't really see the problem.

Maybe you turned your best friend straight.

sweetheartxoxo88 7

I'm thinking of it in the fashion aspect. For instance, a lot of people wear crosses on necklaces as fashion accessories; not necessarily because they're religious. So I'm thinking she could wear the heart because it's cute and not because she's in love with the friend.

That was smooth I like it ,I would probably lie and tell my boyfriend that too

Skank... You are what's wrong with the world. Women like you fuck over people too often. You will never be satisfied, therefore you will never be happy.

ScubaSteve96 0

I gotta pull my pants up high .... Because the bull**** is getting thick!

Some people just don't understand the other person's perspective. Sorry OP:(

of all the things that they put on necklaces why would this guy pick a heart if it didn't mean something more? though I might be biased because an "innocent" heart bracelet was given to my ex by the guy she dumped me for when we had been together for almost a year.

Heard that!!!!!!

hisgirlherboy 5

god everyone calm down! my best guy friend hand made a pair of gold earrings for me and my bf didn't get all mad. maybe the guy-friend is like a brother to her just like my guy-friend is to me. you can accept and give gifts without it being romantic.

i give it two months until she tells you how she's been sucking his cock... sorry bro

CookieMonstr19 0

Jealous much??

crazy17balls 0

ncolby7 0

Maybe she is trying to point out the lack of expensive jewerly you should be buying her.

No other guy would give u one u ugly girl

born_hustla 26

Girls never see problem with jewelry.-

What does OP stand for? I see it everywhere and forgot :/

GKsexyMan 1

No shit man... something similar to this happened to me like 2 months ago with me, my ex, and her bestfriend (now boyfriend), I ignored it, tsk tsk tsk.

lovelylittleme 0

Ummmmmmmmmm We girls. Aren't ALL the same. Buttheads. :P

Find him and kick his ass

StuckInReality89 2

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Right so he should just ignore it and wait till it gets to the engagement ring stage...

You must be a girl. If a guy gives you anything heartshaped he wants more than a friendship

Don't be naive, the guy wants to get into her pants. People don't understand boundaries.

Love hearts don't always mean "more than freind" I'd say it's just a gift of freindship

Y'know, the heart motif in jewelry can also stand for a strong friendship too. Just sayin', I see a lot of necklaces and even lockets with an engraving or inlay of "Best Friends" or "Friends Forever" that have a heart shape.

Yeah. I tell by guy friends I love them and use hearts in our texts. If a boyfriend ever has a problem he should understand I do this with my girl friends too. It's just friendship.

How do u no. My best friend is a dude an he's totally gay. And he bought me a heart necklace just out of kindness.

No, obviously all men are pigs and are only interested in sex. What appears to be irrational jealousy on the OPs part is actually astute observation of the dynamic of the girlfriend and her friend's relationship. The OP doesn't want to exercise a level of control bordering that of an abuser, he just really cares about her!

Ferretface 13

118- But it doesn't have an engraved "friends forever. 122- There's a huge difference in using a heart in a text and buying a heart shaped necklace for someone. 133- Obviously OP doesn't think the guy friend is gay, otherwise this wouldn't be an FML.

if ur in a serious relationship, there should be no other really close "friends" of the opposite sex. and especially if there r heart shaped necklaces involved. it never will work out if there is some other guy, there should only be one best friend n that's the person ur datin. I've lasted 3 yrs in a relationship wit this point of view n it's wonderful

I hate girls like you. When you have a bf you dont need to be telling ur guy friends that.

skizzlerz 0

Seriously. I love heart necklaces, so unless the guy friend was actually showing other signs that he wanted to be more than friends with me, I would just assume he was being nice and knew what I liked. I suppose if he randomly got it for her with absolutely no occasion and he does things like this somewhat often, then I would wonder.

skizzlerz 0

and 176, that's nice that you think of your other that way, but not everybody only wants one person to be close to. It's okay to be like best friends with people other than whoever you're with, even if they're the opposite sex. And what if you ever break up? Then you don't have anybody that you're close to. What then?

vanillagirl, my best friend is female, I'm a straight guy, she's been in a relationship for 6 months with her boyfriend, I'm still one of her best friends but of course by the look of things you would have to have the point if view you do because of who your boyfriend is (I'm guessing extremely popular with all the girls wanting him). Sometimes a person can have a really close friendship with a friend of the opposite sex and still have a healthy relationship with their partner

this is why people dont understand why relationships dont last anymore and everyone is getting divorced.. people need to understand that a serious relationship.. not just a stupid high school one.. will only last if both partners make an effort and sacrifices... accepting a necklace from another guy is a recipe for disaster.. me and my gf only have out with our close group of friends of the same sex and everything is perfect that way.... i hang out with my guy friends when im not with her.. and she hangs out with her girlfriends and we are happy

I've lasted nearly a decade in my relationship having mostly guy friends. Just cause it works for u doesn't mean it's the only right way.

Penguins25 0

Seriously? R u serious?

yeah when it's for two GIRLS who are friends...

WeahNicole 0

Regardless of the other guy's intentions, he should trust his girlfriend likes it because it's a cute necklace worth wearing and not the possible symbolism, plus it shouldn't matter unless she actually cheats. There is nothing wrong with wearing a gift. If a girl gave it to her no one would think twice. Maybe the girl were a secret lesbian, but no one thinks of that. It doesn't matter either way.

gofferurself 10

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danielreader22 4

And how do you know?

He's obviously a psychic.

Maybe he's the other dude.

Naah, it doesn't mean she's cheatingg, it couldve been her best guy friend, you fig.

best friends...? well just get a heart bracelet from a "girl" & if she cares then remind her of hers!

gofferurself 10

Ahh mind games...always a part of a loving, trusting relationship (please read with sarcasm)

It's not the same if a guy gets a heart shaped necklace. She might just like hearts, but most guys would only wear a heartshaped necklace if they loved the person that gave it. (there are exceptions of course...)

Get her one with a BIGGER heart. Ha

Oh crap, then this will turn into a twilight Edward vs. Jacob. "I love Bella more!" "No I love Bella more!" O.o two movies left..let's not get a real life version.

G6chick 0

Twilight is Satan in a movie. Just like Justin bieber is Satan in a feminine boy

well if she knows she isnt going to do anything with him whats the problem

That's just the thing. The friend wants her, "friends" don't just get girls heart necklaces. I would be beyond pissed too.

You are mistaken

BeastMode5 0

55- My best guy friend gave me a heart shaped necklace before. It's nothing more than that, just friendship. We make plans with each other all the time, but it's never a one-on-one thing. Nothing more than a tight bond between friends.

sweetheartxoxo88 7

Maybe she doesn't see a problem because she is so in love with you that she only sees the beauty of the necklace and not the possible implications from the guy friend.

Could be worse. She could have come home with a pearl necklace.

Your profile picture scared the shit out of me, well done.

I agree..

This tells me you should have been the one who got her the necklace. Step up your game if you want to keep her!

shallow much?

If that's what matters most to her, I wouldn't want her.

i can tell by the fact that it bothers you that you care about her.. honestly it doesnt get better.. ive been with girls like that.. dont waste your effort you can do better.. she doesnt have a heart if she will hurt you like that.. a real girl wont take jewellery from other guys man.. dont listen to these people.. it doesnt have to be an occassion... accepting jewellery from other guys is never ok.. my gf right now would never do that.. and neither would i and we are happy.. just dump her and keep looking there are so many good girls out there.. save your love for one of them

Bro these people are stupid. I def see a problem with this. If i were u id make her stop talking to him