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Today, I was on the internet playing a game. I have a speech impediment, and the guy running it told me to get off his server for making fun of disabled people. FML
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Ugh, having one myself, I know how it feels. People always tell me to stop talking with a horrible 'British accent' also.

The Internet strikes again!


The Internet strikes again!

Ya I'm sorry, maybe explain your issue to them?

Sucks man, don't let it get to you

is he saying wow because of what happened? or was he play wow?

I'm not trying to say what he did was ok, but when it comes to games and tech in general things can be misinterpreted. I'm sure if you just explain before a game about your speech impediment everyone will understand. (:

#44 that definitely wouldn't work. online gaming is a ruthless band of assholes. they have no mercy for the weaker OR mothers.

44 probably never played a video game on the internet

He/she shouldnt have to explain themself.

Ugh, having one myself, I know how it feels. People always tell me to stop talking with a horrible 'British accent' also.

Must be a scouser.

HJKM_fml 19

I'm severely hard of hearing and can't hear myself when I talk, even with hearing aids, unless I shout. I've had people tell me that I sounded like a retarded person and I should be more sensitive to their needs. When I tell them that I have hearing loss they either A) don't believe me OR B) tell me that people with 'hearing impairments' only use sign language (one person said braille...had to hold back my laughter on that one). My point is that some people mean well but can be extremely ignorant.

Wow I'm really sorry, 23. I hope that you surround yourself with understanding people(: we all have things in life that's hard. So yeah I hope that things get easier(:

@23, I've run across that confusion too. I'm in school to help people who are blind/VI and several times people have asked if I'm learning sign language - no, I learned Braille. There is a huge difference.

It's incredible how ignorant people can be... They don't think before they speak..

#23 it sounds like you've developed a super thick skin about it. I know people are stupid, but I honestly wouldn't have ever thought to give people that little credit. By this, I mean both the people who assume you would only use sign language and especially the person who said Braille....

HJKM_fml 19

Thanks guys for the supportive comments. They truly mean a lot! @60 the comments hurt a lot at first and still hurt sometimes, but I try not to take it personally because it's mainly due to a lack of awareness. I've talked to other deaf and hard of hearing people and apparently mixing up Braille with ASL isn't all that uncommon, especially for those who have never been exposed to Blind or Deaf culture.

tiptoppc 16

One you can’t hear how bad you suck at it, the other you can’t SEE how bad you suck at it. J/k. My mom was a deaf education teacher (ASL and all that plus her original degree literally has “Mental Retardation” as it’s specialty as well ) but she hated when people asked her if she taught at the school for the dead, and it seems people honestly though it was “xxxx school for the dead” due to it sounding familiar with the word “Deaf”. I won’t get started and her being told “you get free pay for vacation during summer break” No, they don’t calculate pay to include summer break, they just spread out the monthly paycheck and she only gets pays for 9 months out of the year.

Wizardo 33

Maybe explain it to the guy over a chat function and clear it up? Seems unfair if you wanna be playing. From one gamer to another my friend.

As a gamer myself, I'm more impressed that there are people like the server admin out there. Seems like anybody 'weirder' than gamers are targets to us, so it's nice to see a little human decency.

People can be so mean sometimes. I'm sorry. I hope you still enjoyed playing your game.

I know. The internet can be really rude sometimes. Some people just go on to release anger, especially on shooting games and whatnot. I do it, but I take my mic off so I don't hurt other peoples feelings(:

not to be that douche, but i don't think he enjoyed playing the game at all. and now he can't play cuz he got kicked for something he couldn't help. doesn't sound fun :/

If he doesn't let you talk, just say loudly that you're impaired so he can hear you

I'm sorry op, speech impediments really do suck

Maybe get some friends who know you in real life to play with you to avoid another misunderstanding, but hopefully after a simple explanation everything was better?

jazzy_123 20

I'm sorry about that OP but I'm sure it was an honest mistake, it IS the internet. Either way, I hope you said something so then he could feel bad lol (:

That's quite hypocritical of him

A hypocrite is someone, who tells someone not to do something, and they themselves do it. 'lets say someone says they hate thieves, they then steal something.' Not sure if I got the wrong explanation, but they were not a hypocrite. An asshole maybe. But no hypocrisy.

You got it right JB. That is what a hypocrite is.

jaellin 18

Didn't he chastise OP for being insensitive to disabled people in a way that was very insensitive to OP, a disabled person ? An asshole, on the other hand, is someone who tries to call out compete strangers on the internet when they don't even know what they're talking about.

I believe #9 meant hypercritical, not hypocritical.

ShazzRandom 7

That Sucks OP! Such a saddest if he can't help but accuse because of how you speak... Go make your own server where judgement will not be passed because of the way someone speaks! So many sad people in the world. Feel for you

Do you mean "sadist"? If you do, that is a person who enjoys inflicting pain on others. Don't see how that fits with the accusing being what makes the guy sadistic.

ShazzRandom 7

Well yeah whatever the spelling is. If you have to be a nazi... Even though it's not physical pain he still bought pain to the OP with his mindless accusation