By ohgodwhyfml - 28/11/2015 14:32 - United States - Danbury

Today, a girl I'd been talking to all night actually wanted to come home with me. Stopped to buy condoms. Got home, clothes came off, took out a condom. "Sorry, I'm allergic to latex". She left in a cab. I'm a 27-year old virgin for another night and now have a box of condoms to remind me. FML
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danceinconverse 25

At least you're not a 27 year old baby daddy or a 27 year old with an STD.

They'll protect you from pregnancy and diseases, but one thing condoms cannot protect are your feelings. :'(


danceinconverse 25

At least you're not a 27 year old baby daddy or a 27 year old with an STD.

Really? You're sure? I mean, that seems like a fair trade. (sarcasm guys seriously I'm not an idiot)

#70 you really didnt need to hit enter that many times.

I don't think being a 27 year old father is worse; 27 is around the average age to have kids.

danceinconverse 25

Yeah, but even if you're at the right age, dealing with getting a one night stand pregnant is never fun.

I think there's a difference between a 27 yr old baby daddy and a 27 yr old father..

Well now you know to keep latex free on hand as well! Sorry your love life sucks OP. You'll get laid one day!

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SystemofaBlink41 27

Damn, Mr. Sunshine.

#53 wow, way to mean don't you think?

I'm sorry that sucks op. Just look at it as that box of condoms you'll use tomorrow night!

closer than most guys get. Also I believe there are other "types" of condoms. FYL

I think by 27 the vast majority of guys have actually gotten much further than OP...

Ononised 11

Sounds like she chickened out. At least now you won't have to stop next time!

I'm pretty sure she was allergic to latex...

I'm pretty sure she could have said something at some point when he stopped to buy them. If I really wanted to have sex with him I would made sure to let him know that I'm allergic to certain condoms. It's not that hard. I'm not dismissing her allergy but this situation could have been avoided.

I'm pretty certain she chickened out too. Plus, most sexually active women that I know keep an "emergency condom" with them when they're going out. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

cheshireau 26

Sounds like a prick tease to me.

Sometimes no sex is the best sex.

I'm allergic to latex. I wouldn't risk that shit. if I was going out like that(I'm not I'm married) I would have one on me. because I don't know if I'd be willing to stop and I'd know I'd hate myself a hell of of a lot for not)

That sucks OP, well you better keep them just in case.

Optimism is key

Should have said "I got mad pull out game".

Then OP might've learned about her allergy to inanity too.

Some people are severely allergic to latex. You can pretty much be allergic to anything.

zeffra13 31

She didn't say anything when you stopped to buy condoms? Or when you put the box in the car, or brought it inside? She had to have known what you bought. If she wanted to have sex but was allergic to latex, and wouldn't have sex without using a condom, she should carry her own because non-latex isn't easy to find. She also (most likely) wouldn't have waited until the last second to tell you like that.