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By anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my wife heard that Wi-Fi could be harmful for our newborn baby's undeveloped brain box. Her solution was to switch the Wi-Fi off on our laptops. She won't listen to the flaw in her plan. FML
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Did she live in a house with wifi when she was young?

palahniukpaul 6

I see dumb people 0.o


palahniukpaul 6

I see dumb people 0.o

AaronTkr 0

that's what happened to my baby brother yo'.

Sound like my grandparents, only with less aliens.

She isn't moronic, she's a genius yo! If you turn off the wifi on a laptop, then there's no wifi! If there was wifi then it would show up on the laptop. DUH!

Thank you, 26, I think I would be lost without you.

enonymous 8

But how will your baby surf for porn with the wifi off? 4g iPhone?

37, thanks babe. I'd be lost without you too! Lol jk let's be real here; men never get lost and I'll never ask that person on the street for directions.

je_suis_fml 11

the baby has some of her genes. fyl

futurepharmer 6

"like, the airwaves that like, connect the computers together will like, be disconnected when i do that right?"

YourEvilHero 12

dat brain

"And then, like our baby's brain box will like totally be perfect, because, like, the airwaves will, like have stopped, right?"

rallets 22

brain box, lol

That can't be true. Right...?

The talkbox could get damaged too. PS: Your baby's got a leaky poopbox. That'll be 45 bucks.

I think her brain box wuz messed up as a baby :P

I want a wife like that. Except if she fucks with my wifi I will sell her.

Llamassss 21

You can't fix stupid!

How did the OP make this then?

Llamassss 21

190- 3G? Wired to the modem? Internet cafe? Friend's house?

walkern1891 0

Nice, and just Think about it, these are the genes your future baby is inheriting.

Op's wife has no idea what she's talking about... "newborn babies brain box"... Wtf, YDI for having a wife as such.

littlejx_fml 7

Yeah I'm confused too

Yeah that was before I completely read the FML. Feel free to thumbs down my comment. Lol.

You tell 'em KaySL!

Let me get this straight. So, Vera, you decided it would be wise to comment before... You know something, I think Kay has something going here. We shall certainly feel free to do so, thank you so awfully much for allowing us the oppurtunity. Farewell.

RrubiksCuber 6

Turning wifi off on your laptop only stops it from receiving wifi signals. The signals are still floating around the air from the router, she is just stopping the laptop from receiving them. Also, she is an idiot for thinking that wifi would damage her baby's brain.

known by the state of california?

Thank you for explaining to the retards... The whole fml's point was she isn't stopping the wifi by making the laptops incapable of receiving the signal=}

If fact, by switching off the laptop wifi she's actually *increasing* the amount of EM radiation in the air, as they are no longer absorbing the signals!

While she may be an idiot, her plan isn't completely flawed. Although the router will occasionally send packets, it would be around 200x less than the number of data packets sent if the router and computer were exchanging information.

162, Just because some people didn't quite understand it, that doesn't make them retarded. Perhaps they don't know much about computers? Please think before you speak, or type.

Sulphuric_Glue 16

WiFi (or at least, the WiFi signal, using the internet is a different matter) has literally no effect on the Human body, not even babies. Mobile phones are rumoured to cause cancer but this has neither been confirmed not denied and a lot more research is needed to come to a conclusion.

OMG! My undevelopped brain is in danger!

Shutup Gary Busey! You're just going to end up eating the fetus anyways.

deathtrap 0

and microwaves. don't forget microwaves. now what's she gonna do? actually cook dinner? I doubt it!!

^ she's supposed to be in the kitchen and not on the computer.

alriiiiight, my friends in a short film with Gary busey.

Maybe her underdeveloped brain is in danger

Did she live in a house with wifi when she was young?

sebe_fml 0

ahaha lmao!

This flawl took me long to see. But it hasn't though yet been proven that Wi-Fi has no effect on our health. So besides her mistake, she did make a point imo.

um i see your point except she's still an idiot for not turning it off.

Is a brain box a game console? So was she afraid wifi would hurt her favorite game? Either way she's a dumbass.

birdetoyourdork 2


ugottaluvme 0

Awwhaha I see what you did there

210 - Good. You didnt have wifi in your house when you were young I take it?

fml491 4

She's right you know, wifi is very powerful, think about it, x-rays cant get through concrete but wifi can. All these beams affects a child's growth, adults are most vulnerable in the groin area whereas children are affected in there nervous system. Maybe you guys should pick up a science magazine once in a while!

Facepalm. #242 Idiots...

mwali02 32

Keep in mind that Wi-Fi only became common for use at home in the mid 2000s, so it is highly probable that she did not grow up with wireless access as a child... Just saying!

Sulphuric_Glue 16

242 You're the one that needs to read a science magazine. In fact, if you read a science magazine, that actually makes you even more of an idiot. Don't read a magazine. WiFi signals have no effect on the Human body whatsoever. I can prove it to you by saying that none of my friends, some of which spend a lot of time using the internet, including me, have ever had any issues directly related to WiFi signals.

Idiots should not be parents.

Yea almost as bad as Britney spears but we all know she's a hoe

Then there wouldn't be much children, let alone parents, in the world.

No one is perfect, I was referring to the parents dumber then there baby/child.

45 *their Gramma nazi FTW

I hope your baby didn't inherit her brains :P

Hasn't the wife heard that being in the womb of an idiot is damaging to the infant brain? It's okay though, once the cord is cut, the two no longer have anything in common... -end attempt at weak parallel to the FML-

dyble95 0

Speaking of under developed brains...

almost every place in the world has wifi, just not really accessible ones though heheee

Turn the wifi back on and dont tell her?

Wouldn't she notice though

She never turned the wifi off, just the laptop's receiver, which OP could turn off whenever he was done.

Soon they'll be saying moon light gives you cancer.

727Aaron727 0

Some of u are dumber than the OP's wife

btown99909 0

I knew wifi was dangerous!

You should have married that women.