Activism but with cupcakes

By feminismlol - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I went to my first meeting at the university women's group, excited to become a more involved feminist. The first item on the meeting's agenda? The upcoming bake sale. FML
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Okay, I understand wanting to be feminist, so, doesn't baking together as a group of feminists to make a profit off of your goods seems to me to fit right in with that? You're not baking because some macho man has said "Hey baby, stay in the kitchen and bake some cookies." No, you're raising money for your organization to do more things. And you're doing it in a business style, so what's the problem here?

Oh god... Involved feminism... "Grab, twist, then pull!"


Get in that kitchen and bake me some pie!

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Ohhhh its funny cause his picture is cartman and cartman always says that (Family guy dude)

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99- Family guy dude. *Facepalm*

OhHAHA, hahahahahah. That was quit genius first comment!

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oh wow u chicks are weak... like seriously...weak.

Oh god... Involved feminism... "Grab, twist, then pull!"

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oh my god who would ever do that! im shivering. feminist ******!!

That's not so bad. It's better than being told to go make a bunch of sandwiches.

Being a feminist is pretty much an excuse to be lazy, "standing up for womens rights" = "sitting down for food and rest" everyone plays a part in communities, men and women both play their roles, some women have a lot of power and do things men do, but others that are jealous of those women and they are called feminists.

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What's wrong with making sandwiches???

70-nothing wrong with sandwiches. It's the pigeonholing that pisses feminists off, having to be all 1950's stepford wife-like and being judged for acting differently or acting independently. Feminists see women like that as women who are incapable of contributing positively to society. I'm not a feminist per se but I feel this is what they are about.

Feminists have a nice ideology, but I ******* hate it when they start saying shit like, "chivalry is dead".

Feminists use sexism to protest sexism.

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Those jokes are SO old now, it just makes you look stupid when you use them. It's not funny and neither are you.

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^ I like your use of the profile picture to prove your point. :)

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Your joke is bad and you should feel bad!

27- you're a single cat lady. Change your profile picture. now.

Wow I hate when guys say that, it's like go make you own ******* sandwich. Lazy ass.

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So.. What are you planning to bake?

Oh god, I can only imagine the shit that is going to go in in these comments

probably lots of the "get back in the kitchen"-jokes, that have stopped being funny a long time ago

10 - they were never funny, though. Just lame as shit.

not surprised by the anti-feminism sentiments here.

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Lol indeed. In my opinion, women had the wrong idea to want 'equal' rights. We could do nearly anything and cry that someone else made us do it, and we got off. Plus, it's a mans job to go over the hill or horizon and see what's there, come back maimed and we fix them up. Men still 'hunt' for us, depending on the household. Go out, work, bring home money so we can cook dinner and keep the house ready. Kids were also better raised when a parent was at home tending to their education when needed and to teach etiquette . I'm proud to have had my mom Home, as is my fiancé. We are better people for it.

Yes, while that is true... I did appreciate having my mother home when needed. However, there is nothing preventing families from having the father do that or the mother working during the school hours and returning home to help. I think the problem is that people assume mothers like to remain cooped up in four walls cleaning and cooking for people ALL THE TIME. While you are better people for it, some women feel trapped or do not feel called to motherly roles. Arguably they should not have children if they wish to be free as a bird, but not all children turn out to be monsters without mother dearest making them cookies every day. I guess I am just saying is, just because it works out for the children does not mean the mother is fulfilled or happy.

Both of my parents work during my school hours and I'm a pretty decent person. My mom is an awesome mother and I love her very much. I think parents should stay home only when their kids are young and don't go to school because if they're not in your care at that moment (school) how is that helping them? By cleaning the house and cooking dinner? Why can't the mother work while the kids are at school and come home and make dinner? Today, most kids don't go home straight from school because of after school activities, thus making a waste of all that time cooking when she could have done it later. And as for the cleaning, I think everyone in the house should help with that it's not just the mother's house. So everyone should help. That's how my family is and I find it fair and this way we have more money to do the things we enjoy as a family. But I guess it really matters on the family.

Okay, I understand wanting to be feminist, so, doesn't baking together as a group of feminists to make a profit off of your goods seems to me to fit right in with that? You're not baking because some macho man has said "Hey baby, stay in the kitchen and bake some cookies." No, you're raising money for your organization to do more things. And you're doing it in a business style, so what's the problem here?

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The problem is she is lazy to learn to cook. You want to "better" yourself then you need to learn a trade. Education on its own is worthless.

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I hate feminists, and I'm a woman

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So you hate equality between men and women? Why?

13 probably meant most of her experience with feminists have been the extremes which I can understand the hatred. Extremists from any type of group rarely set a good light for their cause.

I'm all for equality but 13 has a point, some feminists take it to far to be equal that eventually the idea gets lost as time progresses and we see female supremacists running around. the "make me a sammich" comments make me cringe but there's nothing that makes me cringe more than an over zealous feminist.

And for those over zealous ones, I'm using the term feminist loosely.

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There's no such thing as equality in this world... Be in any group, it wouldn't make the slightest change of how India feels about tossing out their newborn baby girls in wells.

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand feminism in general. Women and men have equal rights before the law and before court; how is that not equality? Oh I'm sorry, just because SOME women do not get hired because they THINK it was sexism means there needs to be a feminist movement. Oh but, by the way, feminists believe women still have to be treated gently and chivalrously (which, in itself, is acceptance of male dominance, for, in order to be treated special, one must not be equal). The fact that there is a feminist movement is only fact that there are some women in the world who are bitchy, needy, selfish, attention ****** who if they don't meet the right boyfriend become feminists. I challenge thee who dare reply me!

56- I'm not so sure that all of what you say is fact. The feminists I've met do not like chivalry, such as opening the door or allowing them first entrance. They see it as a sign that the man views them as too weak to handle their own door. I've seen it applied to other situations, but that is the main one. Hell my fiancé opens every door for me nearly, I'm accustomed to slowing down before I get to one so he can get in front of me, then we again walk side by side once over the threshold. It's habit for the both of us now, and still makes me feel good that it hasn't gone away, nor was used as a ploy to 'woo' me at the start.

62 - it's not just opening doors that women might expect. It's things like paying on dates, making you listen to her problems while she ignores yours, under no circumstance may she be punched or harmed physically (in which case, it will be reported to the police as rape), and when you divorce, she gets the house and kids and your child support. It's actually the hypocrisy of feminists that really bugs me the most. The biggest example: Feminists demand equality, yet demonize and dehumanize men regularly as potential rapists and sexists pigs.

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Heh feminism has become more extreme than just "equality amongst the genders". It has become a reason to complain and gives real women something to fight against. Not all of us want to look weak and stupid by whining about things like bake sales and "men" being in "women".

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Feminists don't want equal,,,, they demand to be better. I agree with above statements that it is just a group now for bitches to bitch. I am sure they had their place 50 years ago, but now they are useless in every way. They are now nothing more than a tool for Political parties.

You hate feminists. A definition of a feminist is "advocating for political, economic and social equality similar to those available for men". Every self respecting woman ought to be a feminist.

I'm suprised nobody has taken a good deserved swing at Birdie_Sage. What the hell, I guess I'll do it.... Birdie_Sage: Do you even know what the **** is spewing from your mouth? You do realize that you're stereotyping, right? It is not the entire country of India tossing little girls into wells, it is extremist backwater groups doing so. It's like calling Africa a third world country (you would be suprised how many times I've heard this in America). It's a continent, for God's sake, not a country! And there are many well to do places in Africa. But the point is, equality is achievable, and people with your mindset and racist/(extreme)feminist/sexist groups are the only thing stopping us from getting there. Get your priorities straight, bud.

All of you need to go to the dictionary and search up "feminist" because your ignorance is showing.

I'd like to think of myself as a feminist because of the root cause they all stand for, but as you all pointed out there are a lot of negatives associated with the word, so I tend to say that I'm a humanist. Those things pointed out about women not paying on dates, always getting the kids in divorcee court, and guiltlessly throwing around rape charges to people who don't deserve it are all things that I despise and I don't think any feminist should stand for those things because they are hypocritical. Genders are equal under the law, but I think the movement now is more about social problems like representation and discrimination, which do exist, not blatantly, but it's there. I'm more interested in ending all gender stereotypes, male and female. If I ever have kids, they will be raised in a gender neutral environment and they can choose how "feminine" or "masculine" they want to be no matter their gender. As for the holding the door issue, my boyfriend has held the door for me and I often hold the door for him. I don't know why people make a big deal out of this. I'm certainly not going to slow down just to let someone hold the door for me, and I'm not going to complain if he gets there first. Equality is what people should be after, not to hate on half of the population and then call it equality.

79-True, but many feminist groups only use the definition when it well suits them. For example: Feminists have been fighting for equality in everything; I stress the EVERYTHING. However, when the topic of fighting side-by-side with men in the front lines of war comes up, they back off. They'll say something like: "Well, war is a traumatic and dangerous endeavor, one which we believe a woman may not be readily prepared for." Is that not a sexist statement? But, coming from a feminist, it takes the disguise of a defense mechanism. I think I've made my point.

83: You're calling people ignorant because they don't ignore real-world examples to mindlessly listen to a dictionary? Huh?

I took a "feminism" class, which was pretty much the Rise and Fall of Women in Literature and Politics. We had a mix of interesting people. 1/2 the class was a normal bunch of females/males looking to take a fun class. The teacher was an awesome foreign lady who screamed everything like she was being chased by a bear. However there were a few mean ones. There was a gay guy in the class and these "feminazis" turned on him. He didn't come back. They complained that we had to read certain authors who were not as extreme as they wanted. They talked about how they hated ALL men for being rapists. Pregnancy was terrible to them. I was like how are we going to populate the planet if no one is pregnant? They accused a guy of being a sexist because he held the door open for them to pass by first (which is just manners in my book, whether or not the door holder has a penis or ******). The guys in the class dwindled. When my lesbian roommate at the time said she was a feminist they called her a dyke and told her she wanted to be a man, not be better than a man. It was terrible, they sucked the fun out of a really rare and awesome class. I said I considered myself a feminist and they scoffed because I also said I wanted to stay home with my kids for the first few years if possible (when I had them, I don't yet). So, while women's studies is a useful curriculum to have, feminazi bitches need to back off. A nice feminist is one thing, a bitch making other people miserable is not allowed.

Margie, it's not that these people don't know the definition of feminism, they are discussing how feminists have taken that term and skewed it to where it's not about equality anymore, but now it's almost more about gender dominance and some sort of Venence on men.

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Feminist are some of the most annoying people I've ever met! I could understand it other countries, because women are mistreated there, but in America, girls need to get over how it was forever ago. Who gives a ****? Another reason I can't stand other women.