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By fishoutofwater - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Radcliff

Today, in an attempt to broaden my horizons in another sport besides swimming, I succeeded in getting a frisbee spiked into my face. FML
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Should've caught it in your mouth

And that is why this place called "outside" is such a feared and dangerous place


That sucks, op. Hopefully you don't bruise!

Should've caught it in your mouth

Ouch! Maybe you should stick to swimming...

splinteredApple 36

So just because (s)he can't do frisbee, you think that (s)he should just stop trying new things and stick to swimming?

No no its a sign. swimming is life. the world was just letting her know if they let it go they die

Lol it was a joke... Don't take things so seriously.

sounds about right. we swimmers are usually pretty bad when it comes to land based sports. balance and hand-eye coordination are overrated anyways...

Frisbee isn't a sport bro

Unless you know what the word "sport" means, bro.

Have you never heard of Ultimate Frisbee, bro

as an NCAA coach of a "real sport" I know what a "sport" is. OP didn't say he was playing ultimate Frisbee either...

People like you annoy us Ultimate players because we are a real sport and have even been recognized by the international olympic committee as a sport as well. Its people like you that lure people away from the so called "loserish" sport of ultimate and instead hace everyone playing soccer or basketball.

Dude. Too far. I would argue that Ultimate is more of a sport than quite a few classic sports.

Because you're not athletic enough to play a real sport...

Or because not everyone likes watching men jump all over eachother to get a ball into a net or field. in reality, I enjoy watching ultimate more than a lot of other sports. and if racing eachother in a pool is a sport, then why can't strategically maneuvering a Frisbee be one?

"strategically moving a Frisbee" pretty much sums up my point...

46- How is that any different than football, soccer, basketball, or any other traditional sports? You're trying to successfully get an object from one place to another

That sucks. At least you tried.

That's not the way to get ahead in life.

And that is why this place called "outside" is such a feared and dangerous place

shortcake18 15

I think sticking to swimming sounds a lot safer.

hoosiergirl94 31

Way to take one for the team

Why not go into water polo then slowly transition to a soccer. Take that evolution from water to land slowly.