Y'all need him!

By Anon - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had to tell my mom to stop sending pictures of Jesus to my boyfriend. FML
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MwahFMLS 6

The power of Christ compels you!

"He's watching every sinful act you commit with my daughter! "


crazyladydaisy 4

Haha, maybe she wants to scare him away.

hilary56 0

She's just spreading the love..in her stalkerish way

A100893 30

I'm just wondering how the mother had the boyfriend's number...

Is he not in the same religion as her and she's trying to convert him into the religion she is?

MwahFMLS 6

The power of Christ compels you!

FMLandurstoo 9

Op may the lord be with your boyfriend. He'll need it.

#3 - Awesome The Exorcist reference!!

Lol idk y this comment was voted down. It made me laugh!

Did anyone else read that in peter's voice?

FurryRocks 10

"He's watching every sinful act you commit with my daughter! "

"And enjoying doing so!" Because what is the point of doing that if you don't enjoy it?

bettyc4 26

Pentium_4!!! And OP she's helping him to rise again like Jesus did from the dead. It's so kind of your mother to try and improve your sex life

sup?! i sent you a private message, i'm curious how you've died twice lol

She died because she is clueless and probably died of stupidness. I mean really...improving their sex life?? My gosh-.-'

cubbi54 6

She meant that she's helping his penis rise again, damn if you two couldn't catch that you're both obviously ******* stupid.

bettyc4 26

It was a joke dude and i died cuz one my father tried to drown me as a baby and two my heart stopped after pushing my brother out of the way of a speeding car and me getting hit instead. Idk how to answer private massages on here

bettyc4 26

And thanks number 34 at least someone here gets it. It's nice to meet someone who isn't a clueless troller

I always wanted to try having sex with a corpse, are you still cold? Then let's get it on! No, seriously, i get it, you almost died. Glad you are still around and kudos for saving your brother. Hope you have a long and outstanding life. Enjoy every second !

bettyc4 26

Not almost. I did. Both times I was legally dead and brought back to life

dragonstrike94 8

you have to go to the actual site. and that's amazing!!

bettyc4 26

Ah I see I'm a phone app person

i mostly use my android app but i occasionally go on my actual computer...because it's faster lol

YeaSo3 14

Wow maybe your mom sees something you dont

Or maybe OP's mom sees something that never was,is or will be there.

nonamericandolla 6

What the he'll is that sopped to mean...

nonamericandolla 6

What the he'll is that sopped to mean...

:D different ones? or the same one over and over

Jesus, after watching the acts between the boyfriend and girlfriend as forementioned?

Michael_92 20

Seriously why even bother to comment?

nonamericandolla 6
bettyc4 26

Creepy mommy or maybe just too religious? Either ways, you shouldn't have passed your bf's contact to your mom!