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Today, while at the airport waiting for my flight, I sat down next to a mother and her son. As I pulled out a water bottle, she leaned over to her son and said, "Promise me you will never do what the man next to you just did." I have no idea what the hell I did wrong. FML
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Bajar tells us more.

Hey all, OP here. To clarify a few things: it was at the airport lounge, the mother and son had a double couch together and I had a single chair next to the son. The water bottle was disposable and on a clearly visible pocket in my backpack. I still have no idea what I did wrong.

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Mothers are very over protective you don't know what there thinking.

Vodka is the same color as water, so maybe she's Russian.


Mothers are very over protective you don't know what there thinking.

Yeah, I'd bet she's one of those health nuts so she doesn't approve of water bottle use.

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If she doesn't have a reason to be overprotective because of OP then he should give her one. Scream loudly in their faces and then roll across the terminal floor like a sasauge until you're on the plane. At least then her concern will be justified.

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I feel like if he did that, they wouldn't let him on the plane.

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I wouldn't let him on unless he did. Guess that's why I don't work in an airport.

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If you did, it would be a very interesting airport

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45- I thought you were supposed to get on a plane like that. Am I also not supposed to put on the airmask and pretend to be a fighter pilot?

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60, that's a good way to get a nice room in a mental institution.

Ya, but I think this mother just has a case of stupid parenting

Actually, she said that because water bottles are not allowed on air planes.

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Water bottles are allowed on airplanes as long as you get them in the food court area after you get through the security checkpoint

Water bottles are definitely allowed on planes

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63- they didn't shove me in an asylum they sent me to advanced fighter training--- that I can't leave without a judges permission.

It was probably the hand that was playing pocket pool that concerned her not the one holding the water bottle.

Mother of all trolls! no strange thinking

You're allowed to have a water bottle as long as you purchase it after you go through the security checkpoint.

Mothers are very over protective you don't know what there thinking.

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Perhaps you sat down next to her ?

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Where exactly did chewing come from again ?

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I think 46 is right. There is a girl in a few of my classes that will give people dirty looks for using throw-away bottles because they're bad for the environment.

He cannot be sitting next to her. The woman clearly said "Promise me........the man next to u just did" . If he is next to the kid, he cant be sitting next to the woman, unless of course in a circular table !

Op: *Gets up to walk away* Mom: "Son, don't follow such bad example" Op: *turns head back wondering what he did* Mom: "Look at that, that's what I want you to never do" Op: *leaves in a fit of rage* Mom: "See son, the moral of this story is that the act of trolling is a great power. With great power, comes great responsibility. Use it well"

No, he sat down next to the child. What an awful person.

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Did you just quote Stan Lee's Mavel comic 'The Amazing Spiderman'?

Well maybe she wasnt talking about you? There's a lot of people in an airport...

She said "the man next to you." OP is the only person besides the mother next to him

How do you know that OP is the only man next to them?

Because unless the chairs are lined up three-dimensionally, everyone is only entitled to two people next to them. The kid's mom and OP are next to the kid, and I doubt the mom was talking about herself. Or at least, that's how I pictured it.

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As it says 'waiting for my flight', that means they are waiting in the holding area (lobby). So it is possible to have more than three seats align. Or at least that's how my airport is.

There could be 100 seats in the row and it wouldn't matter. There's still only 2 people directly next to the kid; the mother and OP.

Next to you could also mean two, three seats over. Not everyone is absolutely literal in their speech habits.

Finally, some common sense on this thread. Thanks for being smart, #110.

It doesn't say the kid & his mom were sitting. OP could have sat down next to where they were standing. Thus, several other people could have been "next to" the kid. Also, if they were all sitting, it doesn't say that the mother was next to the son, she could have been across from or behind him...js

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Is the definition if 'next to' that hard to comprehend? I am dumbfounded by this thread.

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That's a pretty heavy award to give out so loosely on this site, 26

There has been bigger assholes on here...

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I don't understand? You said OP was ugly, and then you offend yourself? I am beyond confused.

124: the mods edited his comment to have the insult part there. I was really confused at first to before I realized haha

Too* Can never figure out why my iPhone autocorrects "too" like its wrong

did the original comment just tge first sentence or did sirin get rid of some of the assholiness?

Vodka is the same color as water, so maybe she's Russian.

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Colourless would suggest it's devoid of colour. Therefore, it is inaccurate to refer to something colourless as having a "colour".

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Next time, use the reply button to the comment, not the reply button to the FML.

The sad part is that they were correct the first time.

No. "A lot of people"is a plural subject. He was right to correct it. However, on his profile picture he doesn't need parenthesis because the order of operations.

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No, you're incorrect. The comment this person meant to reply to was "Mothers are very over protective you don't know what there thinking." If it was correct, it would have said "Mothers are very over protective you don't know what they're thinking." They're meaning "they are". So if we put "they are" into the sentence it should say "Mothers are very over protective you don't know what they are thinking." There represents a location. They're means "They are" Their takes possession of something.'s theirs.

That's when you start giggling and muttering under your breath.

And bring out a suspicious looking box. Though that might get attention from more than just mom!

Wow, people are just extremely rude. Maybe you did something self consciously?

I agree, maybe you were digging for Gold in your nose, without realizing it.

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Self consciously? Do you mean subconsciously?