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By  Mortimer14  |  9

Did she at least pay half for the trip? If you are in separate rooms, just move to another hotel so you don't have to see her. Heck move to another city. Have fun, meet people, when the trip is over, go back home and move all her stuff out of your apartment.

  samomaha  |  17

She clearly made her choice, and it carries ramifications. You choose to leavem then LEAVE. Do what hugtrees13 says and lock her out of the hotel room. Give her luggage and belingings to the concierge or front desk to hold for her.

  Rabite  |  28

This is not how this works. If you have a flat with your partner together and you both pay rent, you sure as hell can break up and not get thrown out the minute after.
Same goes with hotel rooms. You can't just throw her out. She paid for it, too.