By mybackhurts - 04/02/2018 15:00

Today, my doctor ordered me an EKG to help my health anxiety. I have panic attacks and feel like my heart is out of rhythm, but my doctors have all told me it’s just in my head. I got the test results. I meet with the cardiologist next week to discuss surgery. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

Sounds like your doctor's medical degree is also just in his head.


Lobby_Bee 17

Sounds like your doctor's medical degree is also just in his head.

Well actually having a heartbeat slightly out of rhythm is pretty "normal" for someone suffering from severe anxiety. I'm not sure what the term would be in english but here that is known as "stumbling heart". So i really hope that the doctors took that into account before considering a surgery. And yes: This is a condition that's "just in ones head" and will cancel out in almost all cases when (or if) the anxiety disorder is gone.

Brain surgery? Then, you’ll both be right. Your problem is real and it’s literally in your head.

Did you miss the part where he said his "HEART was out of rhythm"?

The heartbeat is regulated by the brain stem.

Good for you; they finally found it! I just wish I could have the same luck as you instead of fainting and having the baffled doctors say it's "viral, whatever, just lie down". I'm sure you will feel a lot better after your surgery.

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Look into POTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome). It took them over 15 years to figure out that's what I have. Don't give up! I know it's frustrating.

This is an example of the patient being a lot closer to the symptoms than the doctors. A doctor is not always right, some are better than others. My dad who recently turned 89 has had an issue with his heart that if he gets upset his heart goes into arrhythmia and he would pass out. Then while passed out the heart would recover normal rhythm and he would survive. He lived with this all his life from being a young man until in his late 50’s it got worse and had to take a medical retirement and start taking medications. But he is still getting around even now! Self-service for heart arrhythmia: If you feel your heart “flutter” or begin skipping a beat - Immediately cough real big. Repeat if necessary. The strong chest muscle activation triggers a tiny electrical current through your heart that resets the heart. It works! It could save your life. Then see a doctor...

Wait, so this doctor also thought it was just in your head and only ordered the EKG so you'd shut up about it? Good on you for not giving up!

I'm sorry. :( That really bites. I'm super worried about something like that happening to me too. I went to the ER because I was having heart palpitations and they couldn't find anything wrong and just shrugged and told me to see a cardiologist, which I can't afford and my insurance doesn't cover.

Good on you for not giving up! Five years ago, I felt like I'd had an explosion inside of my neck. I went to the emergency room three times. I was told it was stress the first two; and even though I refused narcotics, I was told I was shopping for pain meds. I'd also visited several GPs that agreed. By the time my primary doctor came back into his office from vacation, I also had a cycling of numbness and unbearable burning and spasm in my right arm. HE, the NINTH doctor that I'd seen, ordered an MRI. It turned out I'd ruptured a disk in my neck, and the innards of that disk were sitting on the nerve leading into my arm. The nerve was slowly dying. I had surgery two days later (the day after seeing a neurologist), despite not having time to stop antiinflammatories. It was ruptured THAT badly. If he hadn't ordered that MRI, my arm would be completely paralyzed and the neck pain likely would have made me jump off a bridge. Instead, I now live a mostly normal life. ALWAYS trust your gut until it's proven beyond a doubt to be wrong.

Doctors sure do love to tell women "it's all in your head," even when women know something is wrong. And sure enough, something is wrong. At least you found out, even if it means having surgery--which sucks. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

It’s always good to get a second opinion