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Today, my boyfriend got offered a job at Abercrombie. The first thing he asked was "they only hire hot people, right?!" Now he won't stop telling me how lucky I am to be with such a hot guy. FML
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Yeah he thinks he's better than me , I feel like a Cinderella after midnight while he's the prince. He's always bragging about how good looking, smart, and charismatic he is and now it's worse. -_-

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Feel lucky they really do only hire good looking people..

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Anyone who willingly wants to work for the asshat that owns that company is automatically a douche in my book.


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First to comment!!btw you must be pretty lucky at least he has a job

Feel lucky they really do only hire good looking people..

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At least his paycheck will be 200% more than the other stores. Wait, what do you mean that overcharging doesn't equal higher pay?

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It must be annoying dating someone thats wayyyyyyy hotter than u are. Thank god i dont have to worry about that. On the account that i cant get any girl.

Eh, I work at Hollister. Maybe my store is different, but I dont think you necessarily have to be good looking but just have to look like you take care of yourself. If that makes any sense.

Maybe he's actually been offered a job out back, sorting stock? I assume you don't have to be hot to do that. That'd shut him up.

I work at Hollister, that's not how it works. they give everyone an interview so you really just have to be clean and have regular hairstyles and you'll be fine, you don't necessarily have to be attractive.

77- are you sure? Because looking at your photo (assuming that's you) you're very how could you honestly know? ;P

Why do people not understand that attractiveness is subjective? An Abercrombie employee might be attractive to some people, but not necessarily to everyone

#97- Only certain people shop at certain stores, I'm pretty they will be "hot"

Haha yeah 56 & 77, you're both hot so your opinion is not valid here.

I'm just average and so are most of my coworkers. I think a lot of times people just hear that rumor and don't bother applying cause they have a poor self image :/ even though they shouldn't!

Attractiveness is really not as subjective as people think. For example, we like people with larger pupils and symmetrical faces. We also tend to prefer taller people and people with a large shoulder/waist ratio (on men) and hip/waist ratio (on women). We also agree that #77 is absolutely gorgeous. It's the killer smile really that does it. But we are lucky that most people tend to focus on personality, which is more subjective.

The interview is probably necessary just for basic background checks, but I can almost guarantee you that those stores only hire relatively good-looking people.

Really? I never know that. But what do looks have to do with how of a good worker someone is? I think it's a tad shallow.

121, it's marketing 101. You see a product being used by a 'hot' guy or girl then you want to be like him or her so you buy the product. Standing half naked at the entrance really doesn't take a brain, and using the cash register or folding clothes should be fairly simple.

Im sure most people dont apply there cause those jobs are lame and boring and pay minimum wage 103.

I used to work at hollister and after I quit one of the managers told me that on the interview the only thing they are doing is rating you on a scale of 1-4.

123- half naked? I don't go to these stores... Buy my shit online T_T

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I thought attractiveness was based on facial symmetry.

No, they only hire douchebags. Which what you have to be if you're willing to work for that company.

yeah, well I wear jeans and and long sleeves, that hard qualifies as half naked. I hate people who just believe everything they hear.

Hollister and Abercrombie is owned by the same people... Right?

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Incoming "I hate abercrombie" comments.

Thankfully, I have no idea what that is, so no hated here! =D

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I just don't understand why everyone likes brand names that basically turn you into a walking advertisement. If the store's name is sewn into your clothes, bags, whatever so that people can clearly see it, you are literally a walking ad.

Didn't the owner of Abercrombie say something in the lines of not wanting fat people to wear his products? I can understand why people would hate the store if the chain owner was a complete prick.

a couple if things, 1 no one shops at abercombie anymore, unless you're in elementary school! its all about Brandy, Urban, pacsun, and a few other other stores but I'm getting lazy typing. 2 (not to sound like a bitch) but cool people don't get clothes that have the name of a brand on them, I can tell where clothes are from by looking at them!

The store owner also said he wants cool attractive people wearing his clothes so they hire cool attractive people. The real zinger... The owner himself is far from hot

111, that entire comment made you sound like a giant douchebag. And the sad fact of life is, yes, you are judged by your appearance and yes, your brand of clothes. Especially in high school, two people could be wearing the same outfit but people will ironically think the one that cost more looked better. Life, my friends.

Although i agree with you on the douchebag part 126, i have to say you can look really good with offbrand clothes, i used to buy all those expensive brands like guess armani and express, but after a couple of years you realise clothes from jcpenny and mayces and random stores look just as good if not better at like 1/4 of the cost. Brand is all about bragging about the expensive clothes which is complete BS.

129 - I agree, oftentimes, especially once you're out of high school and are in college and/or in the workforce, it's really comfort and affordability that matters, not so much brand names. I mean, I can understand wanting to splurge every now and then, but there comes a point when off-brand things are great when you know you can still afford a meal and gas money after your clothes shopping trip. Anyway, I'm rambling. :) OP - Your boyfriend is probably just excited right now in the afterglow of getting a job like that. Hell, sometimes it's nice to feel attractive. If he doesn't calm down or gets to be a dick about it or something, bring him back to reality. No one likes a bragger. :-P

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105, I love your profile picture.

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Anyone who willingly wants to work for the asshat that owns that company is automatically a douche in my book.

They pay good enough. Why not work there if you can?

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He can market to whoever he wants. He shouldn't be forced to sell to fat people. Burning the clothes instead of giving them to charity was over the top though.

If you had any morals you'd boycott that shop.

mangoboy1 19

Why should I boycott? It's a private business. Isn't there something called right to refuse service?

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Right to refuse service is much different than straight out discrimination.

The company's messed up, however I'd still work there if offered. Something something unemployment rates something something lucky to work. Not like they're killing small children, however the CEO is a special kind of idiot.

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You call it discrimination... But what about plus size only shops? Does discrimination not work both ways?

The problem was not that he only sells to people of a certain body size. The problem was that he came out and said that he does not want fat people wearing his clothing because they are pretty much unworthy. No one cares that he sells to skinny people, they care that he came out and said some pretty nasty things. It is one thing to cater to a certain clientele, it is another to imply your clothing is some sort of standard of beauty.

the reason for plus-size only shops is because skinny bitch shops like A&F (I'm not saying the customers are bitches, but the man at the top is) don't cater for plus-size people and make them feel inferior because "fat people aren't worthy of wearing those clothes"

47 - I agree with you. Now I think the owner IS a super douche and he shouldn't make it seem like being overweight means you aren't beautiful because everyone is beautiful in their own way. But people would come into my work (Hollister) and complain that we dont make plus size clothing and that we discriminate against 'fat' people. Now I like Hollister because they make super small clothing, I'm very tiny, not by choice but by genetics. I have an extremely hard time finding clothes that fit, and you don't see me going into plus sized shops complaining about their discrimination against skinny people. People are too quick to use that word a lot of the time.

He was messed up for saying it. Fact of the matter. He is rich as ****, because he is smart. Not lucky. Like the owner of chic filet coming out and saying he hates gays. He won't lose any business because of this. He was just a guy stating his opinion. Fat people have a choice to be fat, and he knows it. Maybe he was bullied by a fat kid growing up. Who knows. Either way, each and everyone of you have a bias or hatred towards something. You're just too broke and unimportant to be heard. If you don't like the guy. Don't shop there. Complaining doesn't make the problem any better. And over eating and lack of physically activity won't make you and skinnier. Such is life.

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Not selling to black people is discrimination because they can't change their skin they're born that way. Fat people on the other hand can change 99.9% of the time.

Black people can't change their skin color? Tell that to Michael Jackson! He'll be all like, "Yes we can!"

It's one thing saying you only want to sell your clothes to attractive people. It's another thing entirely to say that, when you yourself look like Gary Busey after a bad run-in with a hornets nest.

Not killing children? They just use them to make their clothes in sweatshops and pay them about a dollar a day. No different to Nike or even Victoria's Secret... These companies are all about profit, so they pay the people who make the clothes next to nothing because they live in developing countries and are desperate and then they sell their merchandise in the West at high cost to their customers because they can. It's blatant greed. While I'm at it, that superficial bloke whom owns Abercrombie is the biggest wanker I've seen. Spends his billions on fake tan, teeth bleach and twinkies I reckon.

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Whoa whoa whoa lets clear some things up. Chic Fil A did lose customers because not only did the CEO come out against gays, but they also admitted to funding anti-gay groups. In 2010 they donated 1.9 million through the WinShape Foundation. That's not just 'stating an opinion'. That's funding groups whose mission is to prevent equality. As for the A&F CEO, yes he was just saying an opinion. However, just because he may not find fat people attractive doesn't mean he has the right to bash them for it. Props to all the people out there who donated the clothing.

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Except what micheal was born black. Nobody is born fat. And fat people don't need procedures unlike Michael Jackson.

Mangoboy1 the thing is about that owner is yes he can market to certain people but he said "i don't want ugly people wearing my clothes" have you seen what he looks like?? He's ugly himself. Also for there only people "plus size" shops. They actually have clothes for smaller ladies. Maybe nothing under size 6 but they do carry clothing for smaller ladies. i've been in torrid and lane Bryant enough times to see them selling to smaller ladies.

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Mangoboy1, you're not being fair towards heavier people. Plenty of them are born with slow metabolism issues. Just like plenty of people are born with fast metabolism issues. It's as hard for them to lose weight as it is for others to gain. Don't insult them because of their body type. Everyone is beautiful, no matter what, and it's people like you that are causing so much pain for someone with insecurities. You have the right to speak your opinion, just as much as the owner of A&F does, but that doesn't always mean it's a good one to share.

78 - I accidentally thumbed you down! I feel so bad! I love your comment. I'm sorry :(

mangoboy1 19

96 look at your profile pic haha. And yes I know it's hard to lose weight. That doesn't mean it's impossible and you can change your metabolism. I don't care if somebody is fat and happy with it but when they start talking about all this "real women have curves skinny girls are bitches" stuff it pisses me off. I love people like Gabriel Iglesias who are fat and just don't care. It's the fat acceptance advocates who yell at stores for not having clothes in their size and promote being fat that I don't like. I also find it annoying when people make excuses. It is a very small minority that is actually allowed to make excuses.

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Sometimes it's not a matter of want, but a matter of I-need-to-eat-this-week.

Just tell him, pretty sure they only hire douchbags there.

Pro - He's hot Con - He's gonna rub it in yur face

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#6, to most girls, getting a hot guy to rub something in their face is a "pro."

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The biggest con is she's gonna have to deal with him smelling like rat shit every time he gets off work. Every store I've been in has the worst smell of cologne. Hell, you don't even have to be inside. You can smell the store 100 feet away.

Ha ha! I actually love the smell of the Abercrombie and Fitch store. I used to go into that store, walk around, and leave without even thinking about buying anything, just so I could smell it.

I find cockiness to be an unattractive trait in a guy.... People in general. Maybe you should ask him to stop?

Was your boyfriend hinting that you are not good enough for him? If he wasn't I wouldn't worry about it.

Misaki18 17

Yeah he thinks he's better than me , I feel like a Cinderella after midnight while he's the prince. He's always bragging about how good looking, smart, and charismatic he is and now it's worse. -_-

And you are still with him, why? Doesn't sound like he makes you very happy.

Misaki18 17

Yeah I am because I love him a lot, he just needs to be a bit humbler :(

I think you need talk with him about this. Talking helps... You should NOT feel good enough in your relationship. It sucks.

Misaki18 17

I have and he read this FML too, he thinks that I exaggerated and that the comments were too mean >.

OP I was in a relationship like that and honestly it was horrible. He always told me how much better than me he was and made me feel like crap. If that's what's going on get out now. Also on a side note if that's you and your boyfriend in your profile pic I think that you're prettier than he is handsome. But I'm a straight girl so I don't know if my opinion counts.

missd420 16

I'm a bisexual girl and I agree if that helps. No one should make you feel like you're not good enough, baby.

OP, if that's you with your boyfriend in your profile pic, you're hot. You don't need some mall job to validate you. It should be your boyfriend telling you these things, not me.

#140 I agree she looks prettier than he is handsome, but likewise I am a straight male, so my opinion mightn't be as objective as it could be.

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Here are the votes of the bisexual male jury: I think he's the prettiest girl, and I hope he'll be a nicer person after his coming-out.

I agree with the couple people who said you're prettier than he is handsome. Don't keep letting him put you down, if he continuously makes you feel like crap about yourself that's not right and he doesn't deserve you. Don't just put up with that.

Also he sounds incredibly immature and childish. I think you need to put your foot down and tell him to grow the hell up and be a gentleman.

loveingit 7

One day you will see you are worth be treated like a star not a back up to him. Well I hope so. You both look young and have time to learn. But in a relationship you should be held you by your partner NOT put down. Good luck!!

I just want to add my two cents onto this comment train. People are too focused on leaving the relationship when the going gets tough, thats why relationships don't last that long. Communication is key; communicate your problems and if the person cares for you they'll reciprocate. Work together, a relationship takes 2 people.

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He is bragging about how good looking he is but,a guy like that would not date a ugly girl. So hope he tells you how good looking you are two cuz, from what I can tell from you`re pic you are good looking two.

mansen 15

A man who is truly smart and charismatic would not have to brag about it. Bragging just shows he has to point it out to other people and assign those characteristics to himself, not let others say that about him. Self esteem issues? A man secure in all of those qualities in himself would never have to do that or drag his girlfriends self esteem down as well to make himself seem better.

OP, I would run if I were you. I thought I had it bad with my husband (who is amazing and very attractive) having low self-esteem and constantly thinking he was ugly...but now I just want to give him a huge kiss and thank him for not being a stuck up douche. Your boyfriend sounds like a total loser who has to put you down to make himself feel better. That's a mental illness, not a simple personality flaw.

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From the pic you have up I think you're super pretty! Him...ehhhehh

Don't waste your time. Find someone who values & promotes you!

well the reason no one likes abercrombie is because,of the fact that the ceo said that they would carry only small and medium clothes so only "pretty ppl could shop there" the ceo then publicly said he agreed with the statement instead of apologising so now no one i know even wants to go there bc of it

I was in a similar relationship as well. And I wasted 6 years with the guy. I think OP should end the relationship if this gets worse.

I used to date a guy like that. He'd tell me he could get someone prettier and I was lucky to date him. My parents called him mentally abusive for that and other reasons. When we finally broke up it took me over two years to realize how wrong he was. You can love almost anyone if they play their cards right in the beginning, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with anything, including them poisoning your idea of yourself for the present and the future. You're only 18. You still have time to find a man that treats you like a queen, not a princess. Maybe if you do that he'll realize he's wrong and change fir future girls, because he's obviously not listening when you talk about it.

I agree! my theory is this: 1) if I'm the poo and I like u and want to date u, then 2) u must be the poo too! I don't always tell my significant other that, but that's how I think!!

He sounds like a dick. Why do you bother?

Get him drunk and leave him bareassed and passed out outside a gay bar with a $50 wedged between his asscheeks. Humility is guaranteed. stay nearby and get video though!

If the gay guy may interject, your opinion is not unbiased at all. He has what folks might call a "douchey" smile.

You should definitely do some thinking OP, sure it's only annoying now but imagine a few years from now. That kind of crap from your boyfriend could cause some massive issues for you mentally. That "I'm not good enough for him" thinking he's trying to instill in you can lead to worse things. It certainly did in my previous relationship so maybe I'm admittedly a little biased. But seriously be careful, because a lot of times that does lead to worse issues. P.s. my boyfriend agrees that that is definitely a douche bag thing for your boyfriend to do. P.p.s. hopefully your boyfriend rethinks his attitude.

He shouldn't go out of his way to say he's better then you though, he needs to control his ego. Guys like him are not even really worth the effort. But you love him and that's very noble that you're willing to try. Talk to him about it, if he loves you just as much he'll stop and your relationship will go whole lot smoother.

sugarbear0727 19

I was in a bad relationship like this. I knew he was a bad person, and that he treated me like crap, but I didn't have anywhere to go, so I stayed. He then dumped me cause his mom didn't like me. I was so relieved. I moved back home with my mom, and then later with my sister to help her pay bills. He was so abusive towards me, and everyone could see it. But I was stuck. He never physically hurt me, but mental and emotional pain hurt just as bad. Being told you're fat, and lazy and you'll never amount to anything does not do good for your soul. No matter what I did for him he wasn't satisfied. Started going to the gym, 'You're never home and the house looks like a pig lives here.' (I kept the house clean, but to his mother, who didn't have a job, and stayed her fat ass at home and did nothing but clean, it was dirty). I started cooking homemade meals for him, 'Too much salt, not enough pepper. I'll just order a pizza. It's not my mother's cooking.' And then I'd get yelled at when I didn't cook for him. It might just be him being an ass about the job right now, but it has the potential to get much worse.

Lemurcat 12

OP, your boyfriend should NEVER make you feel bad. I can't say that I was in a situation exactly like yours, but I did have some "friends" who would bring me down in a similar fashion. And even though you may love him, it doesn't sound like he loves you. He might say that he does, but if he really did, he wouldn't say crap like "you're lucky to be with someone so good looking" because good looks can easily be replaced with some legitament love. He should be saying things like "I'M so lucky to be with someone as Wonderful as YOU!" I want to say "don't wait for him to change. Get out of there now" but if you say that you love him, I know it'll be hard for you. But if he's bringing you down, first of all, tell him the absolute full extent of how you feel about this, and if he plays it off like a joke, if he takes it even the tiniest less serious than he should, then, as much as it hurts, you need to leave him. No one's emotions nor their self-confidence is a joke. And while it may hurt to leave him, you will find someone who sees your wonder and beauty (both inside and out). And hey, if your guy takes it to heart how he's making you feel and actually tries (not just says that he'll try, but ACTUALLY tries) to stop hurting you this way, then there's hope. I wish you the best and good luck. :)

I'm a straight guy and I agree. My opinion probably doesn't count

I don't think he's that hot? Then again, I'm more attracted to a good personality than looks anyway. And his personality doesn't sound too good if he considers someone lucky to be with him simply because HE thinks he looks good. So from reading the FML, he was ugly to me before I ever took a look at him. Douche.

yscpunkchick 14

Aww sweetie, he looks like an douche bag. You deserve better than that! You're much better looking than he thinks he is!

You seriously need to sit down with him and tell him to either shut up or you are leaving. No one likes someone that brags that much.

He sounds like he's either insecure or an egomaniac. Who wants to be with someone who's constantly reminding them how lucky they are? But he is right about one thing; Abercrombie only hires people who conform to a certain fairly unrealistic standard of beauty. I don't personally find the spray-tanned Ken doll look attractive.

cherry72 13

@#204 of course your opinion counts! And OP you are beautiful and your bf is being a douche. Ok there's my 2 cents. Carry on.

Be sure he knows that no matter how "hot" he is on the outside , with a personality like that he is ugly where it matters. On the inside.

cgart96 15

Is that him in your profile picture? He doesn't look like that great if it is, he's not ugly but he's still doesn't look good enough to be bragging about how hot he is.

I'm a straight guy and he just looks average. While you look very pretty and a whole better looking then him

in my opinion tell him , to grow up and stop being a pussy. good looks wont get him a good career.

Very well said and couldn't agree more. I hope she realizes that she is beautiful and if he can't see that and stop putting you down like that then you would be better off with someone who does appreciate you not just looks but for who you are.

I dated a guy (it only lasted for two weeks) who always bragged about how smart he is. I wasn't attracted to him and he was my first boyfriend, but I got tired of hearing how he always got picked first for Jeapordy in French class in high school. And how the other team always got points to start with because his team always beat them. I mean, he was also bipolar and depressed, but bragging is not attractive!

Girl. Beautiful Girl. Do yourself a favor:Run. Run hard and fast because I wouldn't be surprised if what he's doing could be classifies as a form of abuse. The moment he realizes that his actions were hurting you, hr should have apologized and stopped. That is what a real man would have done. That is what someone who professes to love you would have done.

OP... I have to say sorry, he's average, you're hot. Tell him he needs to get the hell over himself and grow up. Also, being picked by the Asshole & Fuckhead company to work for isn't really all that great of an achievement. It just makes him just as shallow and thickheaded as they are.

If you're waiting for him to change, better bring something to read because it'll be a very long wait. How bout you just find somebody who you can love the way they are, not the way you wish they were -- saves a lot of time and hassle.

christinamarie17 29

Next time he does that tell him he's lucky to be with a Peruvian goddess and to shut the **** up.

OP if he's belittling you like that and praising himself you need to get out of the relationship because it will turn mentally abusive very very quickly.

perdix 29

You ought to Echo his Narcissism.

That's very obscure, perdix. I think only the old farts (and anyone who bothered paying attention in mythology class) will get this.

Narcissus was a beautiful man who fell in love with his own reflection. Echo was a woman who was in love with Narcissese but Narcissus never noticed her because he was always staring at his reflection. Echo was so heart broken at being unable to consummate her love, that she faded away into a mere voice. Narcissus was also stricken with grief at being unable to consummate his love. And the moral of the story is: don't get too caught up in loving yourself, because you'll miss out on someone else loving you. See? I knew the story! Do I get a cookie?

perdix 29

Doc, when you quote Lionel Ritchie, it's hard to pass as young flatus ;) gracehi, you get a baklava, a Greek cookie of sorts!

Narcissus also, in his grief, remained at the water's edge. Day by day, he sat and watched himself until he faded away into a flower. The narcissus now bears his name.

perdix 29

#76, here ya go! I'm runnin' low on baklava over here!

MissSticks 21

Well done. You most certainly do get a cookie.

Ahhh Greek mythology references always tickle my fancy ^_^ does 16 count as an old fart doc?? D: my bones aren't even creaking yet!

Kudos on the mythology. I'm always tickled with the random conversations that get going in the comments.

Be glad he got a job, hard to come by these days.

OP should get a job at Hooters, that'll show him.

lifeofpie25 16

the only place where brains donot count

I'll go anywhere that donuts can count!