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At least she would have more fun if she was stalking her.


OP sounds like a teenage girl with teenage girl problems. And I agree, if they were truly best friends, they would have found some kind of compromise.


From they way I read this FML it seems like the "best friend" wanted their own party and not have OP there, or why would they say they couldn't go to OP's party and then make their own party? Why should OP celebrate with them when the "best friend" clearly doesn't want to?

The person having the birthday rarely has much if any say on what day their party is being held on. Are you sure it wasn't family schedules or some similar obligation that prevented her from changing the date? Seems a pretty harsh judgment for the situation. Also, hypocritical is when a person doesn't practice what they preach. I'm not sure where the hypocrisy was in this so maybe this isn't the whole story?

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