By jennisyn - United States - Newland
Today, I was happy to find flowers at my desk when I came to work. Then I discovered all the women received flowers, while the men received bonus checks. Yes, because women should be paid in flowers. FML
jennisyn tells us more :
This did happen on Wednesday, April 26, aka Administrative Professionals Day. It's a service company and it just burned me up processing bonuses for the men while the women got flowers. It made the ladies feel unappreciated. The work takes everyone. As for it not appearing until Sunday, there is clearly a lag in the time in uploading a FML and it being published.
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  RockPrincess26  |  16

Old time feminism, yes. New time feminism, no. Back then, feminists were only about equality between men and women. This is a perfect example of inequality. Wearing inappropriate hats because you hate someone is just being childish.


feminism is cancer if this story is true then it is already 100% sexist I don't think women need to hang up to form a radicallist movement to be heard they already have a loud enough voice (no pun intended)


I can't begin to explain how furious I am that this comment has been hidden!!!! God forbid you speak the OBVIOUS truth! People need to understand what feminism is, and what it is not. Because it's all the lovely naive people that don't want your comment showing that allow actions like the head of OP's company to continue.


Actually, feminism now is for equality. The only reason why it's called feminism is because when it started men had every rights and women not much.
Nowaday's there's even intersectional feminism, the pupose of wich is equality for all gender, "races", ....

  kelardy  |  11

it could've happened another day. The 'today' is kind of standard in all FML's though many people wait a little to post. I've seen OP's comment that it had happened a year or two before the original post when it had happened.

  Cali  |  54

Look at the date on the FML too - it was submitted on the 26th. The moderation process can take a few days.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Report this to HR. If they are unwilling to do anything (because let's face it if this is actually a workplace policy they must surely be aware of who is getting cheques, but they wouldn't be the first ineffective HR dept) then get as many of the women together as possible and take official action. This level of discrimination is illegal in most countries.