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By  Leviathene  |  34

Bottom line, you don't destroy another person's console. Your brother is a jerk, but the whole wager sounds fishy to me. If you didn't agree to the wager, why would you play him in the first place. Regardless of who won. Oh well, someone MUST have learned a lesson here... right??

  Yummi_913  |  15

I don't think you understand the wager. If he lost the game his bro would get to keep his console. If he won, his bro simply doesn't. That is all. Clearly he was sure of his skills and didn't think it was much of a gamble at all. You don't really make deals like that if you think there's a chance you'd lose (unless you're stupid or don't value the thing up for grabs). And clearly he won. End of wager. What happens afterwards is pure petty behavior. His brother throwing a tantrum like a disrespectful b*tch was not part of the wager. Him also destroying the "prize" that he didn't win (just so that OP couldn't keep it) was also not part of the wager. What happened shows his older brothers shitty personality. It says nothing bad about OP whatsoever.

By  LordMagus  |  9

Years back when we were younger, my brother is four years older for reference, he threatened to drop a system of mine down an old well after losing a game. (We live on an old tobacco farm, lots of wells.) I calmly got our portable blow torch, lit it, and held his signed Jordan UNC jersey in the other hand. It was like watching someone about to be thrown into Hell beg not to be. Don't mess with little brothers who are also fire loving pyros with no desire to play games outside of the actual video game type.