By WellThatWasRude - United States - Milwaukee
Today, I saw my uncle, whom I have not seen in five years, at a family gathering. His reaction to seeing me? "Holy SHIT you have BOOBS! The guys must be all over you!" I awkwardly replied, "No..." Then he muttered, "I know I would." FML
WellThatWasRude tells us more :
Hi guys, OP here. Thank you for all your comments and concerns about what happened. Regarding some previous comments, I would like to clarify a couple of things. My uncle has some mental health issues. I am not exactly sure what he has, but my parents tell me that he is on different types of medication. Also, my family was in the room when the comment was made. My mom shook her head in shame, but other than that, nothing else was said. This did not happen recently. It actually happened back in December 2014. I barely see my uncle, too. My dad apologized to me later for his inappropriate behavior. We all collectively decided to let it go because of his mental health state. I feel kind of bad because he most likely has no ulterior motives, but it was still a very uncomfortable situation, and my stomach still turns a little when I think about it. But thank you all again! And sorry for the super long comment.
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  PegLegRacing  |  34

The fact that a guy is saying this blows my mind. Chicks say it all the time cuz they don't truly understand the pain involved. Seriously, short of physically defending yourself against an attacker, this is never fucking warranted.

  theTravinator  |  21

#67 That's also why I said "might", because getting kicked in the balls obviously hurts like fuck and should be warranted. I didn't mean "oh he said something creepy, hit him now!" But I meant if there's further issues- or if he tried to act upon his sick fantasy with her.

As a proud owner of testicles I wouldn't warrant random violence towards mine or others.

  starile  |  19

#91 not true, girls can start developing breasts as pre-teens, let alone as teenagers. Sexual relations with anyone under age 18 would be considered pedophilia.