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By seriouslydad - 08/05/2016 13:11 - Canada - Niagara Falls

Today, I realized why my dad got mad when he found out that my girlfriend and I have sex. Turns out he's jealous because he thinks she's hot, and wishes he was the one sleeping with her. FML
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your dad is a little bit disgusting...


Uhh... That's not good.

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... there are literally so many jokes about porn you could make

So you had to waste a comment?

He's been watching too much dirty grandpa

your dad is a little bit disgusting...

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Assuming he's give or take 20 years older than you and your gf, could I recommend therapy? Not normal to wanna sleep with your child's partner

Thats messed up. But good for u op! U have a good looking gf

i would just nod, and roll with it, just another strange thing...

you shouldn't be pissed at having such a hottie for a gf

OP isn't upset about having an attractive girlfriend, its the fact that his dad wants to sleep with her thats *pretty* disturbing.

What a punderful response. As a father of three, I would think that he should view the gf in the same way he does the son... As a young adult not an object of sexual desire. He should not be thinking of people your age in a sexual light, rather he should be concentrating on helping you two make smart decisions in your relationship.