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Today, I had my midterm finals for AP Literature. My teacher had good news and bad news for us. The bad news? That he lost the file for our original exam and so had to make a harder exam for us. An exam he told us not to study for. The good news? "Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins." FML
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Hey guys! OP here! i realized that i forgot a detail. So usually, for our AP Literature exams, we get copies of practice AP exams from previous years (you know, the AP Exams at the end of the year). So for those, you literally CANNOT study. Like, there is no way to study for them since they cover practically anything and everything related to Literature.

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Well that sucks. My Spanish teacher makes tests that even someone living in Spain couldn't pass...

If everyone fails then its not something the students are doing wrong.


You know even if true it's not the best news if you're Jesus

That is amazing news for everyone. He is our savior. He's selfless thank you Jesus!

How is death selfless if you just go to a wonderful home to hang out with your dad?

Well that sucks. My Spanish teacher makes tests that even someone living in Spain couldn't pass...

I had a biology teacher that made us make a "mind map" of all the subjects we had covered in the semester to "link them together and relate them to our lives." After spending about 15 hours on the project and turning it in, hoping it would bring my grade up from a B+, he tells us that he isn't actually going to grade them. Needless to say, nobody likes him or his class.

And that is why I didn't ever do my homework, my teachers would happily give us pointless work to do and then never mark it, and sometimes we'd get it back about 4 months later when it wasn't even near relevant.

If everyone fails then its not something the students are doing wrong.

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Exactly, I have a history professor who bases his entire class off of his lectures but he doesn't use power points or anything of that matter. All he does is talk and you have to write at the speed he talks, which is extremely difficult to do. Yet he still wonders why the majority of his class is getting C's or D's

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27 - That's actually a very common way for professors to do lectures. I've had several classes where the professors were like that, and I passed with flying colours, and the average was 70-80. It's not difficult to take notes from a prof who does that, unless of course you're a first-year and you're used to being held by the hand through every sentence on a PowerPoint from highschool.

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Not everyone can learn that way, though, 29. I like to actually absorb what someone is telling me so that when I go back to read over my notes later, I'm helping push the information into my long term memory bank. And, also, I want to comprehend what the hell I just learned because if I sat through an hour plus of someone talking, I hope at least I could gain something out of it.

Bring a recorder, and when taking notes just jot down key words and brief relevant key facts, don't write ad verbatim.

Fair warning though, 35: In some states it's actually illegal to record classes unless you have the approval of all those in the class. So you would not only need to ask the professor, but also every other students as well.

My program did not allow recordings of lecture. I wrote fast and skipped a lot of what the teacher said, but a lot of students struggled with it.

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My biology teacher would lecture and use a power point, however the tests we never on anything we covered or read in the book. She would use "bank" tests which our college doesn't allow.

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I have too, my biology lecture is like that and so is my computer science lecture. I ended up passing all those classes with a 85-95 percent. I'm pretty sure something's just wrong with the way my teacher is lecturing.

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I also forgot to mention that I've been in college for two years and it will be my third year soon. So if the majority of my lectures were like this and I've passed them with an A or B and this is my first lecture where it will be a C then I'm definitely sure it's my professors fault. I've tried all I can but he just gives really bad lectures.

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Try doing a 6 hours worth of lecture :/ and it depends on the teacher whether they will give us a break or not.

Couldn't an equally hard exam be made? That sucks balls

The teacher might've had suspicions that a student stole the test to cheat

Maybe your teacher will be sent to hell for a sin that bad

Your whole sentence felt like it was headed somewhere funny but just got lost and took the wrong road.

@45 You forgot to mention the part where it gets hit by a bus- right next to a "He died for you." billboard.

A missing test, the teacher makes a tougher one, and then says Jesus died for our sins. If I had to guess, I'd say he's trying to insinuate someone stole the test (and probably the answers too), but hey, it's ok. Jesus saves!

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Jesus saves, and takes half damage.

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If he loses the test, it should mean you guys don't have to take it. It's his fault.

I would say, from the teacher's reaction, the test was stolen...hense the harder test and reference to sinning...

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it's a final; a core class teacher can't just nullify a final. My English Ap teacher lost our time writes at vegas. we had to rewrite it. My AP lit final had 135 questions with only an hour and thirty minutes. Hope OPs final wasn't that hard.

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I'm not really sure someone dying and suffering for you should be considered good news =P

Well at least OP doesn't have to suffer... Somewhat

I'm sure the test is on stuff that he went over, if not, you got screwed.